It has been over a year since I first read (11/07 issue of Entrepeanor magazine) that it would behoove me, to further the growth/exposure of my business to engage in social networking and blogging. This past September I attended  the Carolina’s chapter of ASID conference in Raleigh Durham (as representative of the High Point Design Center) and in two of the presentations given, I was once again presented with this idea of both social networking and blogging.  And so I determined to delve into understanding better this world and enter it, in spite of my intimidation.

And so, not unlike when I went live with our first website in August 2000, I admit to jumping in here, not understanding all that I probably should (but possibly enough) ,  considering that the best way to do so, is to simply start and let the learning curve begin. Or to put it another way, let my love of writing/sharing with people over ride my lack of knowledge on the technical side of connecting and getting the word out.  (With husband on board to further the logistics of me getting the word out, I am able to get to the stage of posting this blog, and hopefully many more.)

Yes, I joined a couple LinkedIn a couple of months ago. Enjoying reconnecting and look forward to further taking advantage of this venue of connecting with people that have come into my life, or are pondering such, in particular as they consider doing business with me. (More on LinkedIn in a later posting.)

Since 2004 I have been faithfully posting a newsletter to a list that has grown to over 3,700. Although the impetus for each newsletter is to pass on information regarding our business (new inventory purchased, new inventory arrived, new pieces presented etc etc) I have taken to couching the “meat” of my newsletters with a more personal touch.  This blog is to serve more as a venue for me to make the personal touch the “meat” and couch it with information on my business.

Yes, I have plenty to say. As a self employed entrepeneur working from a home office, running an online import/retail/wholesale business, successfully selling Chinese antiques, as a mother of 3 college students, as an ex expat (Haiti,Thailand, Taiwan and the States if you count that, for I am a displaced Canadian ) , as a breeder of golden retrievers, and ????

It was the suggestion that social networking/blogging would further the exposure/growth of my business. That is my excuse for taking these opportunities to get to say what I have to say on the various roles I have played in my life (as noted above) as well as stay in touch with the many people that have come into my life over the years.

I hope you will find this interesting. I look forward to staying in touch using this venue.