Am in the process of ticking and tying my Christmas newsletter which will go to 3,700 plus people (customers/prospects) on my mailing list early next week.  I feel good about the fact that I am diligent in the posting of this newsletter as I am in the posting of a Christmas card (which Zach designs for me) to our customer list of 1,300.

My diligence however, in staying in touch with people that are not on either of these lists is less than impressive and gives me cause for personal recrimination on a yearly basis.  I am hoping to alleviate a good deal of this via the publication of this blog. Yes, have found yet another reason to be writing via this venue on a regular basis. (Only now to make all those fine people aware of this posting.)

My Christmas is all about a few basic things and is focused around having all my children around me. Yes, all have returned from school (Zach and Avery from McGill in Montreal and Ari from U of Western Ontario in London) for the Holidays. The girls have fulfilled the baking requirements for the Season and have assembled plates (not unlike what we did when they were much younger) to give to thier friends and we have warmed up the Scrabble board for competive (yet friendly) games. I have had my Christmas concerts and party following, both of which give me great joy. And of course a litter (our 6th) of pups adds to everyone’s pleasure.

And now, by way of this edition of my blog, I am adding to my Christmas cheer by further spreading the word of what’s up with us. I would welcome word from you.

2008 has been one of dramtic changes, all of which serve as a solid launch pad for what promises to be an exiting ride in 2009.

I look forward to keeping you abreast of all and similarly hearing from you.

So, from our house to yours,  nothing but the best of wishes for Happy Holidays, and a Magnificant New Year!