Resolutions, Goals, Committments, etc etc. Whatever you call it it seems “the time” to reflect on the year past and project on the year ahead. Although I do ponder this somewhat every year I feel more prepared to fully engage in this process of setting forth Goals (my term of preference) and furthermore resolving to be true to them. And so I join the chorus here with my first blog for 2009 with a diatribe on just that. 

Got a jump start on this process as I started jotting down my 2009 goals just after Christmas, in a notebook which I allocated for just that.  I have since worked on fleshing out my broadly  stated goal of ” being fully responsible for myself on ALL levels;  emotionally,spiritually,physically, financially, socially, orginizationally, personally and professionally.” (Did I miss anything?) To further this I noted my need to set short term and long term goals, to ensure success in all veins. I chided myself to not give up, to not let myself down, to understand that setbacks will be there but to plug on, to call on support, to give myself rewards and to encourage myself forward….ALL to further My Well Being on ALL fronts. Yes, all comprehensive.

Following I took each part addressed and fleshed out the goal for each Ie, emotionally/spiritually I determined I wanted  “to be strong and secure in myself and to shine from the inside out.” and then noted what I felt I needed to do daily/weekly and monthly to work towards that end. You get the gist.

This is not novel or rocket science but I felt the desire to share this. There is no doubt or any question that we are in a challenging time economically not only in this country but world wide. And as such it would be so easy to  let my business slide (What’s the use, nobody is shopping. Not quite true by the sales I’ve made already this year.)  to embrace a feeling of ill will,  (Doesn’t everybody feel like crap? Well, if we want to join the band wagon, go for it.)  or a feeling of discouragment/futility (Aren’t we working against such incredible odds?  Yes, but do you want to feed into it?) and lead on to feeling justified in eating poorly and not exercising because, well,why not?

My point is that I believe we all have a choice in how we plan on facing what is undoubtedly a difficult time. Everything you hear on the news tells us that we should be scared stiff. I prefer to think of it as a time for us to collect ourselves, set our priorities, and be challenged. And so, my challenge to me, is to not get caught up in the wave (rather a Tsunami wouldn’t you concur?) of fear but instead, as noted as my broad range goal, take full responsibility for myself. Nope, nobody else to blame but myself should I fall  into the quagmire of negativity, doom and gloom, expecting all that isn’t good, and feed on the fear.

I’m still working on detailing my goals but I feel really good about the inroads I’ve made and I feel good about what I feel I can anticipate for 2009 with the mindset I have set for myself. My belief in my success is growing daily as I celebrate each step I do make towards tending to what I have set out for myself, not overwhelming, just comprehensive.

As such I feel that I can do my part to promote a healthful, happy and prosperous future.  By being true to myself; by giving of myself to my precious family,  by turning to my dear friends, and working for my loyal customers, I know that I can look forward to a prosperous year, no matter the economic tone of the times.

I look forward to sharing with you throughout this year and similarly hearing from you on how you are engaging in making 2009 a prosperous year.