Social networking, like the internet, is not going to go away and so it is for us to find out what it means to each of us; should we try to ignore it (not possible), should we engage in it (and at what level) and how far should we go with it?

Welcome to my Blog!

Welcome to my Blog!

  The business model for Antiques by Zaar was, from the outset, based on taking advantage of what was offered by way of the World Wide Web. As such we determined that our online store,  , would be our only storefront, something which was a novel concept for the selling of something as personal as an antique. (Really, could we have found anything more challenging to sell online???) Not only did this set up keep our overhead down, and thus help keep our price point as affordable, it also put out our product to an audience with no geographic boundaries. Yes, we have over the years established a rather nice niche in the business of selling Chinese antiques

 I will be the first to admit that we didn’t have “it” all figured out as to how this would all work, but we didn’t let this get in the way of us establishing a presence and working things out along the way.

 And so I find myself in a similar situation with “social networking”. No, I don’t have it all figured out but I am good to utilize that which is made available to me as a marketing tool for my business and as such am establishing a presence and figuring it out along the way. And might I add, enjoying some added personal benefits as I sense my world getting larger and smaller all at the same time.

 To that end, My Blog.

When I finally realized that a blog was anything you wanted it to be, and then decided what I wanted it to be for me, and then figured out best platform to use and lastly how to apply the “widget” so people could sign up and follow me, yes, with that behind me I am finally in the place to announce that this will be a regular offering.

  For any of the 3,700 folks that are on my newsletter list you know that I do enjoy writing on a rather personal level. Blogging is a perfect venue for me to do more of this without the “stuff” of business announcements. So, will be doing this weekly and will have special features. As such I look forward to bragging to you about my customers (retail and trade) that are willing to share about their shopping experiences and share with you abyzaar pieces as placed in their homes/projects.  I will also be doing features on interesting applications of Chinese antiques and offering some background on specific styles. And lastly, I will be giving my two cents worth on any number of topics that I feel I can contribute something to; pulling from my years of experience which span lives that include being an expatriate, (Haiti, Thailand, Taiwan and US, if you will) business owner, (AbyZaar is my 2nd venture) mother (have 3 “young adults”), wife (23 years), dog breeder (just had our 6th litter) and now social networker (just a babe in the woods).

 What I have recently realized is that this recent rage is right up my alley. I love to write, I love people, and I love connecting with people with my written word. I don’t know how many people my blog will attract but I am excited about putting it out there and giving as many people as want the opportunity to read. I am so glad that I haven’t let all the unknowns stop me from tipping my toes into the water of this new world and as such miss the wonderful opportunities that are there for me to do what I love to do most, connect with people.

 Yes, my world is getting smaller and larger as each day goes by, and I love it.


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