Congratulations to Tobi Fairley who has recently been recognized and featured by Traditional Home magazine as one of the Top 20 young designers. Yes, she is to be to watched out for, and for more reasons than one.


Lieth and Ruth New River Artisan Showroom High Point

Lieth and Ruth New River Artisan Showroom High Point

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting her this past February in the New River Artisan showroom, where she was the featured speaker as part of the Unity in Design Event, sponsored by the High Point Design Centre, of which I am a member.




Leith Satterwhite, (owner of New River and fellow HPDC member), and I had met in the Fall, (at the ASID Carolina’s conference in Raleigh Durham) and immediately connected. It was with pleasure that Antiques by Zaar would offer New River Artisans a handful of pieces to accent their wonderful carpet display for the High Point Market. And it was with similar pleasure that I accepted the invitation to meet Tobi during the Unity in Design Event.


Tobi’s presentation , entitled “Thriving in Tough Economic Times and How to Brand Yourself using Custom Product,” was received by an engaged audience of design professionals, who participated in a very vibrant q and a session following  her most informative power point presentation.


Of particular interest to me was her input on a new aspect of her profession as a blogger, and how she was further promoting her business via this venue.  As a fledgling blogger I was all ears and eager to learn from someone that had fully engaged in this new wave of sharing the good news. And as such, immediately upon return home I signed up to follow Tobi’s blog to see how an expert does it. I enjoy receiving her blogs and would encourage anyone in the industry to do so, as they are personable, informative and a delight to look at as she always has wonderful photos included to support her text, not to mention a plethora of product to promote as she does in her “Top 10” lists.


Her input on blogging supported her opening statements which suggested that the best way to thrive (not survive, but thrive) in these times is to “invest in your infrastructure, facility, systems, people and website….to be smart in these times as you would be in times of prosperity and to do what you do best” And for goodness sake “decide not to participate in the recession, but rather use this economy to open up a niche”


I thank her for these encouraging words, these directives, and for setting a stellar example to all of us, as someone that is most definitely not participating in the recession but rather embracing and charging forward like there is no tomorrow.


We can only all do what we can to have a place after “this” is all over and come out of the other end all the better for it.