Here it was music that was the force/medium that brought us together, musicians to perform/ share, audience to receive, and give back by way of appreciation and it is ALL GOOD.

Performance of Carmina Burana, with Ruth Olbrych

Performance of Carmina Burana, with Ruth Olbrych

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of participating (as an alto) in 2 performances of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. The stage was set; 65 singers, 2 grand pianos and a collection of percussion instruments. All eyes focused on our conductor as he motioned for the opening of what is a familiar and dramatic work of art. It went on for just shy of an hour. As the sold out audience was asked to hold applause until the end of the piece they dutifully obeyed, and as such, with the final notes, there was nothing less than an explosion of enthusiastic applauding and accompanying standing ovation. The energy was undeniable.


In the course of conducting my business I feel a similar energy/ force.  Here it is the most personal purchase of a piece of Chinese antique furniture that brings people to my website and to yes, to my world. Here people are welcomed, not only view the collection of hand selected antiques available, but also to know who it is they are doing business with.

Yes, your emails are indeed answered by Ruth Olbrych, owner of the business, said persons email address which is splashed all about the website.

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She looks forward to seeing her world grow smaller and larger at the same time. She looks forward to sharing with you the many words she has to share, and she looks forward to hearing from you. Yes, she is me, and I am thrilled for the many opportunities afforded me to enjoy the energy that flows from my whole being greater than the sum of its parts, just as it was this past weekend performing Carmina.


Ruth Olbrych,