The Mill House Inn, East Hampton, NY

The Mill House Inn, East Hampton, NY

May 2002 The Mill House Inn found Antiques by Zaar online, and that was the beginning of what has been a wonderful relationship between the owners of these two businesses, which continues on to this day.


The owners of both companies share a passion for Asian furniture and as one was in the business of importing and selling it and the other was in the business of furbishing their new venture, that being a guesthouse in East Hampton NY, there was good cause for these two businesses to come together.


In keeping with the personal nature of product/service offered the owners of both companies also share in their commitment to their customers/clients; working tirelessly to give them the ultimate experience. For the antique seller, making it easy for their customers to navigate their website, to know who they are buying from, to be readily available to send additional photos, answer questions and expeditiously ship. For the Inn Keepers it meant creating a warm and inviting environment for their guests, as well as providing every extra you could imagine, including a hearty and beautifully presented breakfast that is the talk of the Island.


Over the years Gary and Sylvia Muller, proprietors of Mill House Inn, have continued to upgrade their facilities, furbished a lovely East Hampton home, (which they have subsequently sold and replaced with the purchase of a sprawling farm in VT), and now have opened another delightful oasis for guests, by way of Graybarn Cottage.

chinese_red_armoire_thumb3All the while they have continued to rely on AbyZaar as their source to inculcate their facilities/homes with an Asian infusion, with no less than 62 pieces!


As a guest of the Mullers’ summer of 2007 I can personally vouch for the phenomenal experience any guest can anticipate at the Inn and it something not to be missed. And their special touch has now been extended by way of the Graybarn Cottage, which has just opened.


Please enjoy visiting our Galleria of Collectors where you can see a sampling our AbyZaar’s pieces in their East Hampton home, and also in the Mill House Inn. (More photos to be included on recent shipment received and placed in Graybarn.)


And should you be looking for a getaway, and a breathtaking experience, you MUST consider what Gary and Sylvia so proudly and warmly offer by way of The Mill House Inn and now Graybarn Cottage.

Happy to have them, not only as customers, but also good friends.


Ruth Olbrych
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