AbyZaar High Point

AbyZaar High Point

If you were to Google Ruth Olbrych, it is consistently at the top of the first page that I am  on Linked In and Facebook. Similarly you would find that that I attended Rockway Mennonite High school, that I ran in the Beach to Beacon 10 k race, that I have a blog and that I have  press out there for my business Antiques by Zaar.




Also, consistently on the first pages is (of 955 listings) an article that was written about me, with reference to a talk I did  to the International Woman’s Association of Taiwan (of which I was membership chair)  http://tiny.cc/RTHeE shows up. Yes, back in 1998, with having lived in Haiti, Thailand and Taiwan, I was considered an “expert” on the topic of “Making a Home in Country Not your Own” and was happy to offer advise to those that were struggling with just that and apparently that article will “stick” with me on Google for some time to come, as it appears on pages following as well. Yes, once online, always online.


First page Googling the 16,500 listings for Antiques by Zaar would again bring you to my Linked In profile, several pages from my website,  and again, more than one rendition of my recent  press release announcing the move of my business to High Point North Carolina.


Further to this, if you were to Google Chinese Antique Furniture High Point NC, of the 11 listings on that first page 6 are all for Antiques by Zaar. In addition to pin pointing me on the map and once again reading about my recent move of center of operations to High Point, you would also see that I am a member of the High Point Design Center.


Google has yet to pin point  that as member of the High Point Design Center that I have recently formed a group on Linked In for all members and interested parties to come together for news on events available in High Point, not only during Market but throughout the calendar year. But now by way of this posting you know this. Google will catch it soon.


Soooo, all this is that you are welcome to read all about me and my business online. We are there, we are an open book and you know where to find us, online AND in the actual world, at IHFC M336, along with our warehouse open by appointment in High Point, NC.


I am so looking forward to the merging of my virtual and real worlds next week at the High Point Furniture Market.