Antiques by Zaar, High Point Showroom

Antiques by Zaar, High Point Showroom

High Point: From Market and Beyond


Have been exhibiting at the High Point Furniture Market since 2005 and as such have just finished my ninth Market. No, not a landmark number for me but landmark in that I have gone from having a minuscule presence in High Point with Spring and Fall Markets, housing my inventory in Maine, and only making the semi annual trips to High Point for the Market events. The completion of moving our base of business from Maine to High Point was cause for a Press Release which has been distributed through various online sources as well as in print in Furniture Today. (Thank you Furniture Today for timing the posting of that for Monday’s Daily Market edition!)


Yes, Market for Spring 2009 is over as is the anticipation of what it would bring, in particular considering these economic times. What it brought to my table is a wonderful collection of people that either discovered us or were drawn to us by our ads, editorial inclusions, or our website.


What I like about Market is meeting my customers/prospects face to face. I do so much of my business online and on the phone and this is an opportunity for me to shake hands, put a face to a name and recall warmly what made this person and their company special.


 Now, I am excited about taking advantage of the venues available to me to further communicate with all of these folks. Yes, monthly newsletters will be posted. Blogs will be weekly (at minimum) and I will also be communicating on the High Point Design Center Linked In group, which I manage.


Please join me as I share perspectives on Market and business in High Point following Market.

Antiques by Zaar, High Point, NC Warehouse

Antiques by Zaar, High Point, NC Warehouse


As such, the High Point Design Center is hosting the “Spring Fling” sale Wednesday May 13th and Antiques by Zaar will be open at our warehouse location, 400 Mandustry St, High Point. Jeff Moore will be there to meet and greet. You will be amazed by our array of Chinese antique sideboards, consoles, armoires, chairs, coffee tables, tea tables, artwork and more.

For those of that came to Market, thank you and shall stay in touch. For those of you that were unable to attend, shall offer a perspective such that you can feel part of it.