Red Egg, from the west coast, and Antiques by Zaar, from the east coast, were first introduced to each other in the Fall of 2001 in High Point NC. Ruth Olbrych, owner of Antiques by Zaar, was on her first visit to High Point Market, walking the show to see viability of exhibiting her line of Chinese Antique Furniture in this venue. Carol Gregg was a seasoned exhibitor, showcasing her collection (which included Chinese Antiques) in IHFC.

Screens by Antiques by Zaar in Red Egg Showroom

Screens by Antiques by Zaar in Red Egg Showroom


First meeting was warm and informative for the two women that shared a passion for Asian furniture and were each in the business of selling what they loved.


Fast Forward 8 years to 2009.


Carol has departed from importing the original Chinese antiques and moved toward producing furniture, including Asian inspired pieces, right in North Carolina. And when she moved her business to NC she also made the move (from CA) to live in High Point.


Ruth remains in the business of importing and selling original Antiques, and although her center of operation (namely her 12,000 square foot warehouse) was moved from Maine to High Point, NC she currently maintains residence in the state of Maine, making frequent trips to High Point.


The two entrepreneurs would not only meet again but find themselves as members of the High Point Design Center, and more so, as members on the marketing committee, for this organization whose mission is to promote year round availability to the Trade in High Point.


It was with great pleasure that Ruth was able to help Carol complement a table she had made (just in time for Market) with a set of Chinese Elmwood high hat chairs, as well as some carved window screens to further accent the setting.


Chairs from Antiques by Zaar and Table by Red Egg

Chairs from Antiques by Zaar and Table by Red Egg

It was with pleasure that each would actively promote the others business, not only during Market but also during the first Wednesday Events that they both participate in as members of the High Point Design Center.


It appears their paths will continually cross as they are given the opportunity to foster the relationship that was so casually yet intentionally started more than 8 years ago, as each work to grow their respective businesses from High Point North Carolina, the furniture capitol of the world.


It’s ALL good.




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