The Brimfield Antique Show, in Brimfield MA is right around the corner; July 14-19 to be exact. It is renowned in its size and scope of offerings with folks traveling from across the nation to buy and sell. If you are into antiques/finds, this is “the” place for you!


Brimgfield Antique Show, Brimfield Mass.

Brimfield Antique Show, Brimfield Mass.

Antiques by Zaar did do a stint showing at Brimfield, with our last show being in the Fall of 2004, and as recently as this past January, a customer came my way directly because of my time at Brimfield. Yes, a friend of hers had purchased something from me at the show, shared with her my business card (more than 2 years ago) and this winter she called and placed an order herself, after quietly following my website all these years.


I can’t help but be delighted when a customer relates to me how they not only came upon my website/collection, but what further incited them to take the plunge and purchase from me. For, at times it is with genuine surprise that something we did, or put out there, literally years ago, still has impact with our prospects. Not only magazines, but events, such as our time at Brimfield, what is 5 years ago now, have great “shelf life”, as is evident by this chronicled scenario.


Brimfield, Mass. customer shares photo of their Antiques by Zaar purchase in thier

Brimfield, Mass. customer shares photo of their Antiques by Zaar purchase in thier


Aside from this obvious benefit to our business I will always remember with fondness the opportunity to share with my kids the time that Antiques by Zaar was on the road, doing antique shows. They would help load/off load the truck, keep good company on the long drives and be good sports about working the shows in all kinds of weather.


All good and yes, it does ALL count!

Ruth Olbrych