Shine A Light: Support a Small Business Today!

Shine A Light: Support MY Small Business Today!

flowermomsmall“Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too” A day of tackling that “bigger” thing!

 That was my posting Thursday morning on Twitter/Facebook as I went about the process of engaging in applying to participate in the Shine A Light campaign today.

 As of today more than 700 small businesses have been nominated by either the business owners themselves, or by someone that feels strongly about letting the whole world know of a particular business that does just that, shine.  As of Thursday I joined this impressive lot of folks by adding my own application to the mix.

 Same day, (and with no relevant conversation about my campaigning for myself as an “inspiring” business) I was told by a customer that I was indeed, just that “inspiring”. Felt like the affirmation I needed was simply put there before me, right then and there as I had just submitted my story.

 If you haven’t heard of this campaign you must visit the website for Shine A Light, sponsored by American Express and NBC.

 And if you haven’t already endorsed a business, may I invite you to endorse Antiques by Zaar. In order to make it to the judging phase I need a minimum of 50 endorsements by September 13th. In order to be more highly visible on the page of nominees I need a couple of hundred.

 Click here to link to see  my story as posted on the Shine A Light website.

NOTE: You do need to register to vote. A quick and easy process. Just note that when copying the security code to process your registration that there are no spaces between the characters. Just copy the characters as shown. No dashes, lines or spaces. With that bit of info you will move through process smoothly.

 May I thank you in advance for your support and help in my continuing on in my mission to let the Antiques by Zaar light Shine brightly.