Ruth and her new wheels.

Ruth and her new wheels.

The end of the summer ended with the tradtional “bang”, which means hitting the road for yours truly, mostly focused around getting my kids back to school, but also including some time visiting family.  As crazed as it was to do it in the fell swoop of a week I preferred that over dragging it out. So, within a weeks time I went to Montreal and back, London (Ontario) with detour in New York (both ways), and back again, ending up in Maine.  2,500 miles in 7 days. I’d say my new little Kia is broken in.

Zaamro. My family travels with me always.

My family travels with me always. Zach, Ari, Avery, Mark, Ruth Olbrych...Zaamro

 My kids in the car are good company and serve well monitoring the GPS and having some good unobstructed talk time. But once kids are deposited I find myself alone in the car, which is more the case than not, with my many trips back and forth from Maine to NC.  I have found ways to make that travel time count.  Phone and charger are a given, and recorder to make notes (or audio journal entries as I like to call them) to myself and a book on CD. When you get a good book the time truly does fly.

A Must Read

A Must Read

My husband had recommended The Shack but each time I went to the library to loan it for my next trip I was to be disappointed that it was already out. Thus, when I received in the mail (the day before I hit the road most recently), as a “happy new car” gift from my dear sales associate and friend, Jeff Moore, my very own copy of The Shack, I was elated.

Without giving it away but with the hope of enticing you to read what is a heart rendoring, thought provoking piece of fiction from a self avowed “accidental author” (the story behind the story is just as good), I suggest you read this with an open mind (you’ll see, once you get to the end, that it does more than make sense and is such a clever way of presenting what so many of us see/experience so individually)  and an open heart and let it touch and lift you as it did me.

I have another long trip planned for October. Anybody have a good “read” to recommend for me to listen to, I’m all ears.

Hope all have settled into what is a new Season with kids back to school, and all that that means for you.


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