Ruth Olbrych/Antiques by Zaar, one and the same.

Ruth Olbrych/Antiques by Zaar, one and the same.

Wanted to do a small series on various social media venues as so much is taken for granted, by way of definition, and not understood, by way of value. Why not start with blogs?

Yes, there is plenty of information out there on this already, possibly too much, so why should you read what I’m writing? Well, I feel I have a perspective as someone relatively new to this scene, that may be able to help other “newbie’s” along the way. I present this as a business owner, engaging in social media as a venue to promote my business. It is my hope that I can, by example, and by sharing my experiences, further you along in this quest, should such be of interest to you.

It is indeed a whole new world out there and can be daunting at best, and wasn’t so long ago that I was pondering this very same question. What is a blog? And furthermore why should I engage in this thing called “blogging”, less that I am hearing over and over again that I must? It was in an Entrepreneurial magazine that I read almost 2 years ago that I first even heard of the term, suggesting the value of such for one’s business. It would be a year later, at a conference listening to a presentation by Jane Pollak, where I’d be prodded further to engage, and finally November 25, 2008, I bit the bullet and posted my first blog…which viewing  now I see is missing just a few things. 🙂   Hearing Tobi Fairley speak in  Feb 09 further spurred me on and I’ve never looked back (And yes, I did blog about this.  Read here  if you like.) I feel I have come a long ways since my early monthly (ouch, not enough) postings, in that I understand such enough that I feel I have something to offer fellow “wonderers” about this blogging thing. It is indeed a process. So, here goes.

A common term used in describing a blog (contraction for term “weblog”) is “online diary”.  It is considered to be a website, that serves as a place for the contributor (blogger) to post information, photos, videos, links and such, regarding, well, just about anything they want. It is an interactive place where readers are encouraged to leave comments.

A blog is not a newsletter but both have their place in your communications, should you be considering a blog for your business, as opposed as it being purely personal. (If it’s for personal use only, knock yourself out and get that online diary going, like does of Content in a Cottage. A must follow! She’s inspirational.)  A  newsletter is the venue where one does more direct “selling” to ones’ customer base, whereas in a blog, the “selling” part is expected to be more subtle.  It is more to be a place of offering information, making yourself known and available. Also, although it is appropriate to post a newsletter no more than twice/month, a blog should be posted more frequently. Once/week is a minimum, three times/week ideal….at least for myself.

 Over the months I have truly come to see that it is all up to you as to what you want to blog/write about. My personal interest in reading others blogs  is in following folks like myself that are working small businesses, folks that are supporting said small business owners (yes, including media and social marketing folks), and those that would include a  target audience of mine, namely being Interior Designers/Decorators. By reading these blogs I am determining what appeals to me in other blogs and helps me to fine tune my own presentation. For one, I like them to be not a long read (generally one page of text max), and so in keeping with such a standard (although a tad too long here)  I will close this post with next in this series to delve into why blogging is perfect for me.

Look forward to your comments/questions.