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My gift from my sister...this and so much more.

My gift from my sister...this and so much more.

This is the inscription on the inside of my matt and nat handbag…. a gift from my sister (thank you Linda), and, winner of being the “coolest bag” in my group of 4 at a networking event I attended at the 5th Ave Eileen Fisher store in NYC. As such I was given the floor to start with what it was in my business that “kept me up at night.”

…and what would that be?

November 2009 marks the 10th year since we incorporated Zaar Enterprises but November 2010 marks 10 years since my first online sale. The latter being THE anniversary I truly want to celebrate, this November serves as the beginning of the 12 month countdown that I have to sort out how I want to acknowledge what has been a phenomenal 10 years with my business. And so, this is what would be keeping me up at night. I want to know how best to launch into my 2nd decade of business.

As Jane Pollak, catalyst for why 30 women were gathered Wedensday night, with “facilitated” networking predicted, the 2 hour event did indeed fly (without the timer/bell she used to keep us on track, we would’ve easily been there all night!) by, AND I did indeed come away infused with fresh enthusiasm for my mission/my business, that which is an extension of myself.


Olga and I both felt that we were "meant to meet" and look forward to doing business together.

And I believe it safe to say the same to be true for all others that attended and participated. Thank you Jane for bringing us all together.  And glad I bit the bullet and determined to include myself as a “remarkable” woman….tag line being an “exceptional and inspirational woman”.  The truly exceptional quality that I found to be present in each and every participant was personableness and warmth which permeated the room as we sought to be an ear for each other.

Highlighting the remarkable women I conversed with….

Carol Casalino of carolcaslino nutrition.

Ruth Sheldon of Ruth K. Sheldon & Associates.

Valerie Cherneski of Cherneski Coaching.

Margaret Maclay of Focal Point.

Michelle Friedman of Michelle Friedman Professional Coaching Services.

Lindsey Pollak of Lindsey Pollak, gen y career & workplace expert.

Olga Adler of Olga Adler Interiors.

Robin Horton of Robin Horton Designs.


P.S. En route from Montreal to New York, plugged in Jane’s CD which I purchased a year ago and enjoy pulling out on my road trips to refresh myself with her directives, as learned from her own experience as an evolving entrepeneur.