Spread your Wings and Fly!

The other day I was invited on Face book to join a group called “Spread your Wings and Fly”. It was a new group and since Tuesday evening it has grown to close to 100 members. With the mantra as noted above, and in tag line it is noted that the common thread to be serve as platform for this group would be none other than the Law of Attraction. No matter what your thoughts may be on the “Secret” where this was first put out there, you can’t deny the effect of putting out all those positive vibes AND expecting positive results. I’m all there.

Do I need to join yet another group? Heck no. But I went ahead and signed up anyways, and as such I am getting postings from the group manager, Marie Tucker. So, she puts out to each of us the challenge of sitting down and for a solid 5 minutes writing down all that you are thankful for. I bite. I do it and I have no problem scribbling away for the entire 5 minutes (put myself on a timer so as to not “cheat”) Below my list of what I am thankful for. It is by no means complete (which is really cool) but it is what is closest to my heart and put down to paper.

my FAMILY, GOOD HEALTH, my BUSINESS, the people I meet through my business, my HOME, OPPORTUNTIES, being able to see the silver lining on clouds/being a half full kind of person, my FRIENDS, with a special note to all my girlfriends/ANGELS, my CHOIR and enjoyment of singing/getting/giving  joy through this gift,my ability to express myself on paper, the INTERNET,the platform it has given for me to work my business, and furthermore, SOCIAL MEDIA as a means to  further “put myself out there”…esp blogging, my NEWSLETTER and how I can connect with my customers/prospects that way, my ability to learn a bunch of stuff I didn’t think I could (like formatting my writing to send out to you/online photosharing /making videos, etc), the suggestion of this exercise and the fact that I did it, all the SOULS out there that are coming into my life and how we can all be there to lift each other up and yes, my dear dear CUSTOMERS come FRIENDS  that keep me and my business/my life alive and full. And most importantly for the SERENITY I feel, when I acknowledge that I am indeed intent on doing everything I can to Live my Best Life and that, although it may not Happen the Way I might anticipate, that I have FAITH that being on the right track counts for alot.

Thank you Marie…for the invite, for the challenge and for bringing us all together to SHINE, SHINE, SHINE.