Per my blog of yesterday I made mention of the fact that we were featured in the Home In Style Magazine in  2005…the one that Sandy made me aware of.  Of course there’s a small story behind that armoire getting from here (which was Maine) to there (NYC) in time for said photo shoot ….

Tracy posing for the Suede spread on her updated dwellings.

I had been on the phone with Tracy Reese (yes, of Juicy Couture and Plenty) that morning, discussing the purchase of the very armoire that was featured in the article. I was at the warehouse working with my shipper, who had just  loaded his truck and was on his way to Boston. They had all but left when she called to confirm, not only that she wanted the armoire but that she NEEDED it within the next week, in time for a professional photo shoot that was being slated for her newly decorated apartment.

 Quickly I got on the phone with my delivery service to let them know that it looked like I would be driving to Boston (and thus please hold that truck to NY)  to deliver this armoire so it could make the next truck to NY, which would indeed get there in the alloted time. “Chance” would have it that the truck (with my other orders) had broken down and was sitting on the side of the highway (about 40 minutes from my warehouse) waiting for service. And yes, that meant I had time to load that baby into my SUV and book it to meet the truck that would keep the delivery on schedule. Little did I know that by getting this piece on its way as I did that I would be able to look forward to exposure in not just one but two magazines, as she was also featured in Suede, as shown here on the left.

Don’t you love how great the red armoire looks against the red wall? And to think that she did the “match” from an online photo….talk about Bold. But that seems to be her persona and it seems to be working for her, per the amazing

Red on red...gotta say it does look great!

success of her clothing lines. Just look who is wearing Tracy Reese…none other than those wow singers Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift.  And on another note, do check out the No Bull Blog, where Tracy’s raison d’etre is spotlighted…” When we lead with love, passion ensues and the outcome of our efforts is immeasurable. Man can put hard work into anything. However, hard work without love and passion will cause you to hit that glass ceiling you once heard about.”

….and back to my passion, providing you with a fine experience shopping for Chinese Antiques.

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