“Ruth’s experience in Asian furniture is unmatched. The pieces I have purchased for clients have consistently been beautiful, functional and unique. Ruth is always happy to help with the “search” for a specific type of furniture piece or even a color match to fit my design. She is an excellent resource I will definitely call on again and again!” Cindy Hernandez, LinkedIn  November 2, 2008

Cindy's award winning room with Asian console from AbyZaar

I have for some time wanted to do a blog about Cynthia, and brag about our fostered relationship which started when she  first found Antiques by Zaar online in 2007.   The first sale in 2008 was uneventful (that’s a good thing)  as all went smoothly and by the email received following delivery, the client and designer were both happy.  So Cindy went about her very busy life as a designer and mother and I proceeded to add her to my email list, and thereby communicated with her regularly this way going forward. 

The next time we would “connect” would be through LinkedIn. I had just created my profile and Cindy not only found me (and invited me to connect) but she proceeded to offer the above noted recommendation. (Thank YOU!) 

The room above has really been a hit for my interior designer/friend…as not only was it one (of two) rooms she did where she was recognized and received an International Dream Room Award, but it was also featured in the November 2009  issue of Traditional Home. (I’m so pleased for her.) 

Cindy and Abby, the AbyZaar Poster Pup.

When I announced in my newsletter that I had just had a litter of puppies and several were still available, Cindy and I would further “connect” by way of  adding Abby (yes, named for AbyZaar, my little abbreviation for Antiques by Zaar) as their newest family member. Cindy now has the company poster pup! (If you’d like a peak of Abby and siblings in action, you’ll enjoy this video.)

Whatever Cindy does, she does whole heartedly and with passion. It’s no wonder that her column that she does for her local paper “The Valley Press” is a big hit, nor that she tirelessly supports the work of Autism Speaks…an organization close to her heart as she lives the life of a parent with an autistic child. And you get all of this, and her passion for design, color, and putting it all together for her clients as you read  her monthly enewsletter

Am thrilled to have the priviledge of doing business with Cindy and that, via Facebook, LinkedIn and all that, that we can stay as connected as we do…in between sales. 

You can find Cindy on our website in our Designer Directory as well. Be sure to check out her website

Most recent purchase for a client was this stunning red sideboard.

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Console tables, similar to what Cindy used in her award winnning room, are available.

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