“Music is well said to be the speech of Angels”

Thomas Caryle

Theme for Christmas 09 was a Heritage Christmas.

John Corrie, our fearless leader, inviting the audience to join in the carol sing...The BEST way to end a Christmas Concert.

We, yes we, the Androscoggin chorale,  just finished a weekend of singing, singing and more singing and it only got better as each performance passed. This year was no exception to the past 4.   During the carol sing, where the audience joins us…I find myself welling up, just as I did 10 years ago, during a similar concert that we took our family to during our first Christmas in Maine.

I had enjoyed choral singing as a high school and college student but following had only had brief opportunities ( 3 kids, moving around the world, starting/running a business kind of kept me otherwise “occupied”) to participate in what was my “team sport” .  Only when I heard that choir open up that first time 10 years ago, did I realize how much I had missed simply HEARING the grandeur of a chorale group sharing with a captive audience. It caught me off guard and without warning I found myself in that  joyful puddle of tears as I allowed the music to enter my soul. A brief repreive would ensue, only to have flood gates open up again when the audience was invited to join in a series of Christmas carols to wrap up the event. I was a marshmallow…and apparantly still am.

It took me awhile before I would make the making of music  a priority to include in my life and, as I try to share the emotions that fill me following our last of 3 Christmas concerts, it is simply one of overwhelming gratitude, for the joy found in the giving of these concerts each Christmas.

 As one of my dear fellow altos (and friend) said to me as I was recovering most recently….something to the effect of such being a Blessing to the effected person. I liked that, and truly felt it fitted, for it is not sadness that is enveloping me, but rather an overwhelming sensation of the Greatness of God being felt and shared amongst many. Does it get any more Joyful than that?

 May your Christmas be infused with the Blessing of Music and may it touch your Soul as it has Mine.


Androscoggin Chorale….
A wonderful group of talented musicians…people with busy lives that add to their busy ness by adding practising, fine tuning and performing musical delights a priortiy. Under the fine and caring direction of John Corrie we join as one and share the gift of music… a gift of giving that is in turn returned to us. Again, does it get any better than that?

P.S. The “icing on my cake” has been that for the past 3 years the group,  has converged on my home for our post concert Christmas party. Logistics would get in the way of that happening this year…maybe we’ll catch them after the Spring concert?

Merry, merry…