Christmas Magic began 12/14 when Avery, my youngest took her & I to Wicked on Broadway for her Xmas Gift to me/us.

 It’s all abit of a blur, this past month…. but one FULL of warm fuzzies on the home front AND, thanks to YOU, the blogging front. Why, you might ask then, would, if you are able to increase your visibility and interest in your blog, promoting a book giveaway (evidenced by the response of just shy of 50 readers interested in participating in the giveaway) disappear for an entire month?

Simple answer. Family and Holidays….and not enough room for sharing this with my world as I have so been chomping at the bit to. And so here I am at the other end of it thrilled to be back and ready to keep a steady stream coming your way.

Annual Christmas Eve photo session in front of the tree....

  So, albeit a tad tardy, (drum roll please…) I did want you to know that there is indeed a winner. The autographed book is being posted to Richard McCusker, who responded to the blog that he saw on the Interiors  LinkedIn group discussion board. Richard is based out of Arkansas and is an Interior Architect/ Designer.  He too has a blog, called Custard By Design and you should check it out.

Although the book is being posted to Richard, I do feel that I am also a winner, for the wonderful response garnered from this giveaway…so, a huge thank you to you all who made yourself known.

 In watching the movie  Julie and Julia ( saw it over the Holiday) I could relate to her as a young blogger…writing, sharing and not knowing who she was reaching.  It is a strange thing we do…share our worlds, not fully sure who is indeed reading. But I do enjoy this venue and promise to keep it warm, fresh and offering assorted things, that which I have to offer on assorted levels of what is my colorful life.

Current lifestyle  does seem to be one of extremes at times, but being an owner/operator of my online business does give the latitude so I can be what I need to be for my family and also work my business….”balance” still being the challenge as well as keeping on top of “it” all.  So,yes, my goal for 2010 is to embrace the process of setting up structures and disciplining myself to follow them, so that I keep my rhythm going whether I am working from my home office in Maine, or whether I’m working out of my husband’s apartment in New York, or my daughter’s apartment in Montreal or in High Point working from my warehouse….or, as the case will be end of this month, while on a trip to Singapore to visit daughter there.

BELIEVE, BELIEVE, there in for me!

And, staying CONNECTED on all levels  truly remains a priority.  So many people in my world, so many opportunities at my fingertips, so excited to pull it all together and make 2010 Rock!

…..and if I can do it with “Style and Substance”, all the better.  🙂 (C0uldn’t resist.)

So very much look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you this coming year.


P.S. For the 45 plus that didn’t win the book, you can purchase on Amazon…click below to go directly there.