I find it coming at me so often these days….images, places, words, stories, feeling……all that bring me back to the many impressionable visits and the 5 years living there as a fresh college graduate.

 I know that this is happening with the many others, as evidenced by an email I received yesterday morning with the subject line stating “Haiti is on my Heart”.

Thought maybe it was a response to my earlier blog, but no…it was from someone that knew me from another life, from Haiti, from back in 1985, from my final months serving as “cultural liason” to groups visiting Haiti. Marty has graciously agreed that I share this with you…

Hello Ruth,
My heart is so heavy as I continue to follow what has been happening  
in Haiti.  I stayed at the guest house in the summer of 1985 for  
about 3 1/2 weeks, it was an incredible experience; when I came, I  
brought with me three teachers and a high school student, we came to  

Your Dad told me that Haiti would never leave me, and it  
hasn’t.  Your parents were wonderful to us, and we had a lot of fun  
with you.  The Haitian people touched my heart.  I just wanted you to  
know that I remember, and I have not forgotten.  I am contacting your  
sister, Betsy, to find out the best way to donate to the guest house/ 
I just wanted to touch base and send my love to you all,

Marty Romero Brickley

Marty reminding me of how I introduced her to FIDA  (well, I did the first bit by having them stay at the guesthouse….let my Dad take it from there :)) has spurred me on to update my readers/followers/customers and friends on part of my life most haven’t known about…until now.  The time seems ripe.

My Parents: Founders of Wall's Guesthouse & FIDA

The time also seems ripe to introduce you to  FIDA, the organization my parents founded,  (and ICC, where I served as volunteer for 3 years) as two orgnaizations I have personally been involved with and acknowledge as serving well the people of Haiti….should you be looking for a place to direct your contributions.

I’ve been so touched by Marty’s reconnection with me after almost 25 years. It reminds me that you can never underestimate the impact you may have on someone and how that can take hold and serve in the future….as it does here for her to connect/contribute to Haiti via FIDA.

And so…..as noted in my most recent blog, my sister and niece were in Haiti when the earthquake hit. Click here  to see her letter to FIDA constituents that have been hungry for information on what happened, how everybody is and what they can do. Sharing here with my readers, because that is one thing I can do!


P.S. I was indeed curious as to how Marty found me, for when I worked with her group I wasn’t yet Ruth Olbrych, (as she reminded me I was dating my now husband) …so, I asked. She said that she simply googled, Ruth Wall Haiti, and there I was at the top of the search, leading her to the About Us on our website where I recount my life (well, only from 1985 on…actually thinking of adding to that, for those that may be interested. I’m told it is interesting, even pre Haiti/Asia lives…thanks to my visionary parents.)