Barbara has used this chinosiere armoire to house her TV et al.

“It’s too bad there are only 3 attributes we can select from when making a recommendation – I’d heartily select ALL for Ruth.  My experience with her started when I was looking for a coffee table for my home, many years ago…. January 2001 to be exact. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ruth professionally and also living with the beautiful and unique pieces I’ve purchased from her over the years. I’ve also had great reports from  clients to whom I have suggested see Ruth about furnishings. Quality, Style, Service – in a nutshell.” November 3, 2008


Just over a year ago I set up my LinkedIn profile and who would not only find me there, but also contribute the above unsolicited recommendation?! Thank you so much Barbara!

Chinese reed mat coffee tables "do the trick" here.

Am so pleased to have Barbara Jacobs not only as advocate for Antiques by Zaar, but also as a friend.  Our friendship started as we went about the business of selling/buying some Asian pieces for her home, which entailed her travelling north to visit our Maine warehouse and following, my husband and I travelling south to deliver a coffee table she decided on.  It was furthered as I “bit” and joined IFDA New England, where she happened to be membership chair at the time. Little did she know that by doing so she would end up with a house guest as I worked to  attend the Boston based events, trekking the 2 plus hours from my Maine home…to join events such as the bus trip to the Kips Bay Showhouse, networking dinners (where my donations to the silent auction were always a hit!)  and more.

So, here and now I would like to introduce you to Barbara’s business.  Well,  actually her two businesses.

Her passion for color is stage front for all she does and is and thus the name of her parent company, Barbara Jacobs Color and Design is most àpropos. She has sequayed this passion to a business where she applies said passion to the designing of a very special line of hand-knotted Tibetan carpets.

She has recently revamped her website, where you can visit to check out Barbara Jacobs Color and Design and her carpet business, Silk Road Weaves.

You can also sign up for her enewsletter, where, word is, she has offered a New Year discount  for a color consult AND paint!

And, now she is also doing a blog. Go Barbara!

We actually managed to get together for lunch last Fall, first time we’d seen each other in a blue moon. But in the interim we keep tabs on each other on LinkedIn, Facebook and through our online missives. Feel free to join her in reading my Newsletter.  Yes, we are yet another example of a business relationship that started online and the following friendship continues to be fostered online. What a great gift in this venue of doing business/making friends!

If you are looking for someone to guide you through some color revamping in your home, you needn’t look further than to Barbara Jacobs.

Become a Barbara Jacobs, and/or Antiques by Zaar Facebook fan! We both welcome you.


No matter the purpose, a red chinosiere armoire offers punch.

P.S. Although the trend has moved from housing TVs in armoires, we do carry a selection of such, should that be of interest to you. Click here to visit our armoire section.

Beautiful wood grain on this scroll coffee table

…and with new inventory arriving next week we have added a fresh infusion to our coffee table section…that and so much more. Click here to check out our coffee tables and here to see all the new goodies.