….yes, after 4 days of traversing the great city of Singapore we made our way to the Budget Terminal to catch a flight to Langkawi Malaysia….duration and location for this portion of the trip chosen for proximity and cost…and why it was slated as a  4 day beach vacation. 

Our Seaview room...yes, the 2nd one.

Not going to lie…it took a bit to change gears. I swear I could FEEL them grinding down to a halt as I wrapped my head around the idea that  not only would I just be  able to check in with my business at the hotel computer 30 minutes at either end of each day but that the best part of each day  (note 4 whole days!) would be “hanging out”. Really??? 

Even though we enjoyed a sumptuous barbeque buffet on our first evening, our first impression of the resort was tainted by a pounding base permeating the walls of our bungalow as we tried to sleep…”music” which we assumed from the Seaside Cafe (which was close proximity to our bungalow). Really, we weren’t in a hostel or resort catering to college students. How were guests ok with this???? 

And so a request to change bungalows was granted and we were appeased. And the raucous music, we found out the next night, was not from the Seaside Cafe, where the “Pearls” performed nightly (and who we came to love), but from a source outside of the resort, and although we’d hear that pounding base ever so faintly from our new location, it didn’t deter us from a restful sleep. 

Perhaps the Eagle Rock Cafe was the source of the offending "music"?

Sun dutifully shone on us brightly each and every day. (And an overdose of such on the first day ensured that we chased shade more often than not. ) A ride up the mountain in a cable car and a visit to a night market/visit to “town” was the extent of our excurions…neither of which overly impressed us. 

Yes, we admittedly had been spoiled by our many past beach vacations, namely in Phuket and Hua Hin Thailand…the latter a favorite where we once booked a condo for a month to spend Christmas beachside….where night markets offered a plethora of food, clothing and knick knacks…not just the “sampling” we saw at the Langkawi night market. Our thoughts? How could they seriously bill this as a tourist destination? 

Feeling on "top of the world" in Langkawi!

But as the days passed and as we let ourselves slow down to that grinding halt and as we started to see with open eyes the absolute beauty in our natural surroundings and appreciate the attentiveness of the staff and the value we received for our absolutely more than adequate accommodations, we quite simply stopped judging and started truly taking in the Paradise Langkawi was. 

Tourist destination, no. Beach destination, yes. And yes, Paradise. And now OUR Paradise, as it was the place mother and daughter rested, relaxed,chatted and simply enjoyed. Langkawi didn’t change in 4 days…we did. We realized this and chuckled at ourselves for this very real example before us as to how attitude/perceptions color our world. And, we agreed that our world is more colorful for the gift of our  FOUR full days….that many days NEEDED to truly embrace the Paradise Langkawi indeed is for many…including now Arianna and Ruth Olbrych. 

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