The company logo reads Ruth Olbrych, appropriately so.

It was the trend amongst expat wives (this would be when living in Taiwan) to have custom pendants made with Chinese translations of our Western names, such as shown here.   I joined in and had one made for myself and also each of my children. At the time did I know that a few short years later I would be using this as the logo for an online based business  that I would own, importing and selling Chinese antiques? Heck no. But I did, and it is, and I’m so pleased. 

Truly, if someone told me back then (that would be about 1999 as we were moving stateside after 8 years in Asia) that this is what I’d be doing in 2010 (and with 10 years under my belt)  I would’ve laughed out loud. And now I can’t imagine doing anything but this. 

No, wasn’t a life long dream to have my own business or more specifically that it would be one so “out there” as setting up shop online to sell nothing other than Chinese Antique Furniture. 

But, it has indeed been a life long mission to want to be able to touch people…growing up with a strong sense instilled that a very real part of our mission on this earth is to reach out, to give of yourself, to be of service.  It was the part of my Mennonite heritage that has held with the greatest fervor. 

In my High Point warehouse...

So be it that the vehicle through which I’m able to do said ” reaching  out” is couched in the transaction of selling a piece of antique furniture (or more) to a customer and that said transaction would serve as the cornerstone for wonderful relationships following….customer is indeed synonomous with friend. So be it that this business of selling antiques would give my husband a 10 year hiatus from the corporate world, and support the family of 3 for which it is named after…yes, Zach, Ari and Avery, our 3 children. And so be it that it would serve as an extension of myself going forward…giving me something very real, very mine, as said children head off to college. And so be it that the online world of commerce would develop in a way to accommodate, support and provide multiple windows (in addition to my website) to draw people my way….case in point this blogging platform. 

I love my business.  I love the product I make available to my customers. (Admittedly scary at first, the fact that it is such a personal item to sell online, and that I’m here to offer such, well, it fits  me like a glove.) I love that I am able to have this following almost a decade in Asia as an (admittedly spoiled) expat wife. I love the flexibility I have so that I can be available to my family as need be. I love the  people who I have in my “corner” and can count on to help me make this business work. I love the people who I’ve come to know through this business, not just the customers but also those in the Home Furnishings Industry that I’ve come to know over my years, particularly in High Point NC, where we moved our warehouse 3 years ago. I love that there are so many windows of opportunity for me to reach out to people as I go about my business. And I love that so many people touch me as I go about my business. 

Yes, in all senses of the word, I , Ruth Olbrych, AM Antiques by Zaar. I Love my Business and I am my Business.  

Welcome to My World. 


P.S. Arianna, the first A of ZAAR, has just posted her 2nd blog, which you can view by clicking here. She titled it, “What’s in a Name”, and although she is addressing the name of her blog, Life on the Ladder, it was her posting that inspired the nature of this one….and a wonderful lunch yesterday with a customer/friend that also IS her Business.  Thanks Ari and Jan.