…by the Souls of a group of wonderful women.

Beautiful gardens @ host of the orignal "Garden Party" Summer 09

The invite list was drawn from a summer Garden Party, that was initiated by my dear neighbor and her friend, and which I had been graciously invited to attend…, (and following offered to host the Christmas version of said party, which pretty much got snowed out ) and, as host for this particular party, I took the liberty of adding to the list from my own circle of friends.

some of you were “new” friends, that I had met from last summer’s  Garden Party…including 2 neighbors down my road that I had not yet met.

two of you were friends I met through my mother in law, and made the 90 minute drive together to attend the party.

one of you sings with me as a fellow alto in the Androscoggin Chorale…which has two concerts next weekend. Unfortuanately I won’t be singing, but look forward to attending….

Tinkerbelle, now Jasmine, has a real tough life...having to ride in the back seat!

one of you is connected by way of having purchased one of our puppies, when we had Peacock Hill Farm serve as our breeding business for Golden Retrievers.

a couple of you are friends from “way back” into the early years of moving to ME and a couple of you are friends made in more recent years.

and one of you I have befriended as a result of doing business  through Antiques by Zaar…and yes, does indeed have a finer collection of my pieces in her home (and Inn) than I do. (Check here to see how great my pieces look in her NH home)….and came all the way from Long Island!

We all were all….

interesting and interested.

happy for the opportunity to spend time with friends not seen in awhile and make new friends.

eager to stay in touch and ensure that it isn’t 8 months before the next “Garden Party”.

appreciative of each person that was there.


I stopped the chatter long enough for all to introduce ourselves & find out how we ended up at said party....& the chatter cont'd followin!

I have ALWAYS loved hosting parties and I personally couldn’t be happier for how my house has truly been warmed by this my first (and by far from last) party for 2010.

I thank each and every one of you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to do something good for yourself and for which more than a handful of kindred Spirits  likewise benefitted.

I could gush on and on but prefer to share with you snippets from emails I’ve received since my St Pat’s Day Garden Party, at 301 Peacock Hill Rd, New Gloucester, ME….my home. (Have had some wonderful “thank you” phone calls as well....)

Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much!


I needed the company of wonderful women :)))

Thanks so much Ruth. It was so much fun last night and I wish I could have stayed all night.  Keep me on the email list!

Thanks for such a great party!  We had a great time and it was great meeting new people and seeing the ones we haven’t!

…for a great party.  It was super to meet all those wonderful women.  Your warmth as a hostess really set the tone for the whole affair.  See you again soon!

Fabulous home, friends, and hostess!  Thank you so much for bringing all of us together at your house for a great evening.  So much good food and so many interesting people. 

There aren’t the correct words within my vocabulary to properly thank you for inviting us to your home.  We just had the nicest time chatting on the trip up and back, and of course seeing you and all of the fantastic women that made it to your home last night.  It was just what the Dr. ordered.

thank you for a lovely evening with your lady friends.  Your home is so welcoming and your execution of space and design is outstanding.   Your welcoming Peggy and I into your group of lady friends means alot to us, and we could not be more appreciative.  And we hope to see you again very soon.


So, if you’ve been pondering a “girly girl” party, let me offer this by way of encouragement. Don’t dally…find a way to do it soon…you won’t regret it. It is a Gift that keeps on Giving….and is sooooo easy, for all you need is a venue and a list of women that you think would enjoy the company of others. No other pre equisite required. I guarantee a good time will be had by all!

P.S. …and yet another benefit was the post party connections that continue to be made as folks contact me for emails/phone numbers. Yes!