The connection.
1985, my fiance, Mark and I, hosted his youngest brother as our guest in Haiti, that time one just following the Revolution where the dictator “Baby Doc” had recently been ousted.

FIDA, the organization my parents founded, the work which touched my brother in law Luke...and many others following

Part of our program would naturally include a visit to my parents, who were running a guest house that supported the work o FIDA, an agency my parents had founded in 1984 (read story here), building up an infrastructure in rural Haiti using the cooperative model.

Not quite sure on the timing that Luke returned to do a short volunteer stint in Haiti, with FIDA, but was not long following that initial impressionable  visit.  What is more relevant is that more than 2 decades later, the committment to the work of FIDA would be renewed in response to the January 2010 earthquake that shook that tiny impoverished company with yet another (not political this time) blow, and Luke would reach out.
and so… in Belgium, (where he’s been living the past decade plus)
on March 7, 2010….  
a fundraising event in his home would be had.

The host Luke and Marie Therese, the talented artist, friends working together for the cause, HAITI, through FIDA.

featuring his close friend… opera diva/soprano, Marie Terese  (who we had the absolute pleasure of meeting at Lukes on more than one occasion, including his 2008 wedding) who offered her talent towards the end of…

supporting the work of  FIDA….
where more than 40 guests would grace the home of Luke and Mircea on that spectacular night, with many more, unable to attend, nonetheless sending their support by way of cash donations towards the cause….each adding to the more than 20,000 raised!
a first hand account would be offered by  Gerlant van Berlaer,  (doctor and  member of B-FAST) , who had just returned from Haiti, offering a slide show presentation bringing the current situation ever closer.
 I like how I feel that I served as a  link.  The raison d’etre for why Luke even ever went to Haiti. And a part of why, 25 years later, in Belgium, he passionately responded to the most recent devastation struck

My sister Betsy, carries my parent's torch, as does her daughter Alexis.

upon this country… hosting a grand event to raise money…   (and awareness) for Canadian based FIDA…which his Belgium friends would not otherwise be acquainted with.

I am proud to  be flanked by these members of my family, from far off regions, working together towards such a worthy humanitarian cause….and I just wanted to share this with my world.
Yes, many have been touched by Haiti. This is just one story of one connection…many such connections continue to grow and flourish…each one counting and each one making a difference.
God Speed.
If you would like to support the work of FIDA, click here to visit their website.
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