April 6th, my last blog. Ouch. Too long.

I have missed reaching out this way and look forward to sharing the many exciting things going on, with my business and with my family.

Bryant Park NY in Springtime....lovely.

Yes, from April 9- 29th I have been a road warrior…NY, High Point NC, back to NY, Montreal, and back to ME. Over 3,000 miles on my little KIA and 250 miles on a 10′ rental UHAUL. Yes, I do need to find a way to stay more present online while “out and about”.

High Point Market was the focus of my trip to North Carolina, couched in personal time with my family….catching up with my husband (@either end of High Point)  and moving  2 of my college kids back home, for at least part of the summer….concluding this 3 week stint on the road.

Emptied 2 college kid's apartments. One McGill grad and one going to Australia in July for semester abroad.

So, consider this my “I’m back” blog.

A lovely presentation of our collection at 1690 English. Spring 2010 Market.

Have posted photos from Spring Market 2010 on my facebook profile, and will be posting a newsletter recapping High Point “High Points” later this week.

Working to get my groove back, working from my home office, and similarly organizing my kids so that they know how they can help thier mother along with some time consuming tasks, to help keep the Antiques by Zaar’s face fresh.

And so, to that end, I should move forward in the direction of doing just that…solidifying the structure of expected work, so that it can indeed get it done…IE, I have work to do before I can give them work to do.  🙂

I simply wanted to anchor my “landing” with this short missive.

Happy rest of the weekend to you all. It is indeed lovely here in Maine.