“Life is a flame that is always burning itself out, but it catches fire again every time a child is born” George Bernard Shaw

My husband and I are responsible for lighting three such “flames”   and as I contemplated the arrival of Mothers Day I thought of how each of my 3 children have made such an indelible mark on my Heart and Soul, feeling no less than overwhelmed with how each of their lives have and continue to Touch me.

All are young adults (almost 23, 21 and almost 20) now, coming into their own at the speed of lightening. And being so very close in age it feels that our experience is one long drawn out “phase” as we move from one right to the other and right to the other. And although they all share some very basic characteristics I recently found myself contemplating each of their births/birthplace/order of birth  and how just that made each of them so unique from that moment on.

Yes, life has gone by in a “blink of an eye” it seems and the job of continually adjusting to how best to be there for my children..is, well…continual. Not as obvious as when they were younger, but no less important is how we work to launch our children to be their Best Selves.

Feeling the Love from ALL on Mother's Day

As such I feel that  my current “relevance” in thier lives , as thier mother, is greatly a matter of my being a positive role model, similarly serving as a sounding board ,offering perspective, support and encouragement as they each work towards figuring out what it is that is most important for them in each of their lives going foward. Not a bad place to be and enjoy seeing how each of them approaches their world so very differently….and yet the same. Yes, keeping me on my toes…as always.


As it would be, 2 of my 3 cherubs would be present for me to embrace and smooch up, this past Sunday…with the 3rd litearlly traversing the globe as she travelled back to the States after a spending the past 5 months studying in Singapore. (Look forward to seeing her tomorrow!)

Mother and daughter graced by the gift given.

Avery graced me with a scented candle and hanging plant…adding more light and life to our home, and Zach prepared a lovely cake for our Saturday night family dinner (thank you Mark)…appropriately themed, with Chinese symbol for Mother centre stage of this simple yet lovely work of art. (See more of ZACO Cakes  ) And Ari (from Singapore) sent a touching ecard.

Feeling Fine @ Fishbones!

The four of us had a wonderful brunch at Fishbones. Too much  great food (but so worth it) fueled the activities of the afternoon, which included a training session on our tractor/brush hog and hauling away branches (and a rather large portion of the trunk) of the tree my husband felled the day before.

As strange as it sounds, I was quite happy for the diversity of activity in the day, from hanging out/eating to some hearty outdoor work.  A competitive (yet friendly) Scrabble game and viewing of Amazing Race Finale, sealed the day just fine.

And I went to bed, all aglow….feeling the Love, being given and received, fill me up to the brim.

For the Gift, Priviledge, Responsibilty and Honor of being Mother for my Zachary, Arianna and Avery, I am truly Grateful and Blessed…


For the handful of photos taken on Sunday check out my facebook album here.