Designer Kat Burki is in the company of many in her profession that like to use these colorful consoles in a variety of settings. Yours truly poised in front of a pair in South Hampton showhouse, where a non matching pair served as dressing tables.

For years we have offered a wide array of colors (but not excluding traditional natural wood tone as well) of what we have coined as “art deco desks”. They are moderately priced (975.00), easy to ship and fit quite nicely into a variety of niches and working with an array of decorating styles. Yes, a versatile piece that adds a flavor of China to your home.

As the colors offered are not classic Chinese…shades of blue, yellow, green  and bone, it is obvious that we have added a modern touch to a traditional piece. But what most people don’t know is that these chic little consoles have evolved from being what the Chinese call a kang chest.

For those of you familiar with Chinese antiques, you would think of a Kang chest as what we have termed as low sideboards or vaults, as catagorized on our website.  The Kang chests which our innovative friends are transforming (thanks to the directives/influence of the French) into what we have coined as art deco desks, are of a rather specific size that has been popular with those in Northern China (in particular) for generations, and thus, the stock of such pieces for us to continually have at our hands to transform, is plentiful.

Your basic Kang chest, to which legs are added, cupboards adjusted and finished, per our specifications, and voila...

As our own stock of such has recently all but depleted I’m thrilled to advise that we have prepared more than 20 kang chests come art deco desks, to add to our offerings. You can see them (and the rest of the inventory on this container) by clicking here…. all which has just left China this week and is due to arrive in our NC warehouse early August.

Our colorful collection of art deco desks have served as a great draw in our High Point showrooms, here in Market Square, 2006.

Should you want to secure one of these treasures (or anything else for that matter) I am happy to do so with a 30% deposit…balance due once container lands and we’re ready to ship to you. With that the item would be taken out of circualtion and noted as SOLD.

NOTE: Kat Burki’s South Hampton showhouse dressing room (where per chance were a pair of Antiques by Zaar art deco desks) caught the attention of Traditional Home and thus featured in the April 2010 issue.

up close and personal, as seen in April 2010 Traditional Home