Avery, my "raison d'etre" for going to Australia.

I’ve but just returned to Maine from what was a whirlwind 3 weeks on the road….this particular time for personal reasons…setting up my daughter Arianna in school for her senior year at University of Western Ontario/visiting (ever so briefly) my family, followed directly by a trip to Australia to visit my youngest daughter, who is there (as a McGill student) doing a semester abroad….ALL interspesed with smatterings of days in NY.

And now, before I go full force into the final stages of prepping for the High Point Furniture Market, I’d like to take a few minutes to chronicle my trip “Down Under” , total purpuse being to see MY Sunshine, Avery.

Travelling internationally is not new to me, but you’d think so with how I started off this trip….ie, not paying attention to “details” if you will, which almost landed me in trouble as, after a no less than 9 hour layover in Los Angeles,(during which I happily and liesurely worked away on my computer in the comfort of the Red Carpet Lounge)  I found myself making what was a mad dash from Terminal 7 to Terminal 2 to catch my Air New Zealand flight.  (only realized I was going VIA New Zealand the week before leaving….didn’t catch I was ON AIR New Zealand…the miniscule ANZ on my UNITED boarding pass had gone unnoticed)  As I found my way (with alot of supportive words from the many strangers I insisted on sharing my “stupidity” with) to my gate I pondered ever ever telling any of my family members of this as the response emmitted (and the endless ribbing) would be too much to bare.

Yes, I made it safely to Surfers Paradise/Gold Coast, being greeted by a gorgeous sunshine filled day and “perfect” temperature for our  anticipated beach holiday. Avery would meet me at the end of same day, flying up from Melbourne, where she is at the University of Melbourne for the term, and was on beginning of her 2 week “winter” break.

Woke up to the beautiful sunrise the first morning. Who could know the turn we'd be in for for weather?

It was wonderful to have this time together, and the anticipation of working on our tans, as we caught up on the last 2 plus months excited us both. However, where the sun shines 300 plus days/year, it would be the case that we would be visiting in that teeny tiny window of cold and rainy weather that we could call “ours”.

In the window of good weather  we did enjoy whale watching, (less a case of sea sickness for yours truly. Really, when did I get so soft?) a visit to Sea World, the Curumbin Sanctuary (highlight absolutely being the visiting/feeding of the kangaroos), adding Hard Rock Cafe #14 to our list, Dracula dinner and show and the Australia Zoo, AND 1/2 day sun worshipping.

LOVING the Kangaroo Crossing!

Making just a few friends here...

But truly….

End of a great day at Carumbin!

No, the sun did not shine for us in Australia for the greater part of our beach vacation. But MY sun shine was to be in the embracing of my daughter, travelling half way across the world, to see her, talk with her, and let her know how much I love her….just in case she didn’t know. 🙂


P.S. As I made my way back to Maine, said daughter continued her break with some school friends in Cairns/The Great Barrier Reef, where apparantly she enjoyed a week FULL of sunny days, which was great as she ventured out white water rafting, snorkeling and sky diving!

Tim Tams...our FAVE Australian fix for a snack attack.