A smattering here, of our wonderful, one of a kind offerings.

Antiques by Zaar established itself as the first fully online based business, specializing in Chinese Antiques, in 2000….serving retail and trade customers alike. This in and of itself deserves a full blog entry…soon. In the interest of growing our trade business we started exhibiting at the High Point Furniture Market Spring of 2004.


When we started to show, we were still warehousing in Maine and thus a permanent showroom was important to us, and as such, what was offered in the Market Square building was most appealing….a building which was a wonderfully restored mill building… not unlike the mill building in which we warehoused at in Maine….a building where designers sought out new and intriquing lines.

Warmly greeted customers from Market Square 2004-2007.

Four years at Market Square, with last couple adding a 2nd space in the adjoining building Suites at Market Square, one year in Suites alone,  followed by a season in the IHFC building (Pavillions on 2) served us well.

Sidenote: Over the course of time we realized the relevance of High Point on a larger scale for our Maine based company and as such determined to move our center of business, ie, our entire inventory, to High Point.  Thus, in Spring of  2007 we started redirecting containers to High Point and spent the following year  managing locations in 2 states as we worked torwards  full move to High Point.  Spring 2008, the job was complete.

Love opportunities to promote the HPDC, here at Fall 2010 ASID Carolina's conference.

With warehouse fully in place it made sense to join the High Point Design Center and get on the bandwagon of promoting trade business in High Point year round…the reason said group exists, and yeah for us for this wonderful venue to promote our presence.


Ah, the decisions we had to make to stay in business during this most challenging of economic times.  And how auspicious of us to have made the decision to move our inventory to High Point BEFORE the bottom fell out of the economy….

The next decision was tougher. Exhibiting in a Market showroom, making people aware of our newly established warehouse, was, what I thought, the perfect scenario. Have a prescence in a established building and offer ALL of my collection for ready viewing just a few short miles away.

Relaxing at the end of our first successful showing from our warehouse/showroom, Fall 2009.

But as the economy took its toll on my sales I had a choice to make…spend my $$$ on inventory or spend it on a showroom…Sadly, I didn’t have the resources for both.  I knew I wanted to stay in business, and although my committment to the Market Showrooms was high, the right thing for my business over rode such, and so, a decision was made, that would serve the future existance of my precious business.

So, with bated breath I let my everybody know that my warehouse would also serve as my showroom, this announcement made exactly a year ago. With my loyal sales associate/showroom designer, and so much more,  Jeff Moore, by my side, we created a new strategy and made it work!

So happy that I’m here to write about it, and tell you about my new and improved  location, from which we will be showing from in just a couple of weeks time.

My landlord, West Express, also happens to be one of my trusted shippers, relocated this Fall and I moved with him. Thus you can find Antiques by Zaar , and more…more about the “more” in following blog….at 220 Feld Avenue, just under 3 miles from downtown High Point!

Very much look forward to meeting and greeting all those that are interested in purusing our fine line of Chinese Antiques…either during Market or following, as we are open, by appointment, year round.