Ever versatile Chinese art deco desk used as bedside. (Minta Bell's 1st abyzaar purchase.)

October 2005, Minta and Amy of Minta Bell Design, first visited Antiques by Zaar in our then Market Square showroom.

...and her most recent purchase, a red lacquered sideboard to anchor the dining room in this model home.

Since then the relationship has been fostered by repeated visits during Market, some chatty phone calls in between Markets, and additional purchases of Chinese pieces to serve as accents in her decorating schemes, as they do so…well, so well.

The relationship has always been warm, friendly and professional. I couldn’t be happier that Minta Bell has come to count on Antiques by Zaar, comfortable now to buy from photos alone, as a source for thier touches of Asian….and look forward to seeing them at Market this week….

Be sure to check Minta’s website and also her blog Insights: Musings on Interior Designs…worth the visit/read.


P.S. …quite by accident discovered that Minta is friends with none other than Kris and Kathy Coupland of Vanderveer Imports…yes, the same Vanderveer that is showing in Zaar Design Center this Market. My, my world is getting smaller and smaller every day.