My hiatus from blogging, dare I admit to last post being  10/13?, has NOTHING to do with a lack of content and/or interest in sharing with my world all that I feel worthy of sharing, but more to do with where do I start? What is the essence of the messages I want to put out there? How do I pull it all together so that people want to hear what I’m saying?

Sign in Gray ME...just down the road from us. Understand?

There’s a saying here in Maine “you can’t get there from here” …and I KNOW that customers looking for my house in ME (years ago) were told just this, and go figure, they did get here from there 🙂  AND didn’t let that detour deter them…as they are still good AbyZaar customers …. and that is how I am feeling right now, in that I need to step back, take a look, and a big deep breath, and find my way there, even if it may not be the route the signs suggested…

Truth of the matter is that there are SO MANY supporting me in my evolving vision that it is becoming as much a mission/mandate, and desire not to disappoint, as it is a job/business, and that suits me just fine…although the pressure is on, eh?

And so, it seems appropriate for me to launch this blogging binge I plan on embarking on, starting now, by sharing with you,  the many things and people which inspire me…that urge me on/fuel me forward, and give me  a sense that this passion must be shared…all as I wend my way from here to there. Welcome to my ride!

Although I am scribing this missive from my home office in Maine, the last 3 plus weeks have found me everywhere but here…finding inspiration all along the way, as noted in one of my most recent blogs on Seth Godin.

Antiques by Zaar first showroom in Market Square...just under 1,000 sq ft.

My Inspiration: My New Digs @ 220 Feld Ave. High Point NC.

A little extra work preparing for Market this year as we had moved locations in September and thus my 10,000 square foot space, full of inventory I might add, needed a FULL rework. And, in addition to setting up for my business, Antiques by Zaar, I also had to take into consideration the 4 businesses that would be showing with me, presenting ourselves in the  newly established  entity, ZAAR Design Center.

We started the move with making a wall with our armoires...

It felt like every stick of furniture in the building had to be moved from where it had been placed on initial move. Per the urging of Jeff, my right hand in NC, I made my way to High Point a few days earlier than my normal time for Market prep…and so glad I heeded her advice. Two full days, with the help of 2 gentlemen, we got the bulk of the heavy work done, leaving 3 days left to sort out…well, the “fun stuff”.

It was a daunting task on that first glance, and I thought addressing something a 10th of this size had been daunting!, but as the days waned, it came together in a way that had me stop, look, and FEEL, over and over again. In the course of just a few days the warehouse was transformed into a showroom…displaying not only Antiques by Zaar’s collection, but also that of Bellascenda, Kat Burki, Lady B Goode and Vanderveer….the owners of each business addressing their respective vignettes. See pix of all by going to Antiques by Zaar Fan Page on Facebook!

From the signage outside, to the statuary and potted mums placed at the entrance, to the “greeter” we had to register our visitors, to the brightly lit space, which ensured a good dusting job was indeed done, to the coffee and snacks made available, and to the fine people that represented their companies, it was simply delightful and welcoming. What a great place to show and tell…yes, if I do say so myself.

Panoramic of ZAAR Showroom

I may be the biggest fan but from the feedback received from the lovely group of people  that visited us during Market and/or that attended our party, celebrating 10 years for Antiques by Zaar and introducing ZAAR Design Center, I have more than a handful of people agreeing with me.

So yes, after a hearty week working Market, after moving out all that Sold, yeah for me!, during Market and reworking the space to accommodate 2 new lines that we’ll be introducing at next Designer Wednesday, that being 11/10, I left my new space with a smile on my face and feeling all aglow.

Info on each ZAAR Member available as soon as you enter...

We had made it. We had moved. We treated the entire space as a showroom. We welcomed 4 companies to present themselves with us, and they too presented their collections with style and pizzaz.  We had the inaugural Market for ZAAR Design Center, and you know what the really cool thing is????

For all those that didn’t have the time to visit us, we are excitedly prepared to see you throughout the year! The next Designer Wednesday for the High Point Design Center is just around the corner, and we are primped up and ready…and if you can’t make it then, well, just call and make an appointment and someone will avail themselves for you to ensure you have all the info you need for what you are looking at/for.

Can you say it/see it any better than this? Welcome to High Point!

Yes, Antiques by Zaar has moved and ZAAR Design Center is here. So from there to here we are and now we are ready to move from our new Here to There, with many new developments planned for ZAAR Design Center, to serve ….

0ffering ZAAR Trade Partners  a venue to present their collections to their customers…

offering a resource to our Trade customers, with NEW things to look at constantly…have some surprises in store for ya’ll!

All this, year round, from no other than High Point, The Heart of Furniture Land. We welcome you!