A well travelled, sophisticated and warm Barry Dixon…

What do Barry Dixon, Kelly Hoppen and Angelo Surmelis have in common?

Undoubtedly each in thier own right they are renowned designers…each with signature lines, books, tv shows, and are sought after speakers….and thus why such great draws  at IHFC , and as brought in by WITHIT and IFDA at the most recent High Point Furniture Market.

After hearing each of them speak I am inclined to suggest that in addition to their obvious talent as designers,  that their respective successes are due to the winning combination of being good at what they do AND knowing who they are and what value they can bring to the worlds of many.

....effervescent and vibrant Kelly Hoppen.

...and self proclaimed "geeky" Angelo Surmelis

The common thread amongst all was that “trend watching” wasn’t as important to them as was listening to their clients…working with their vision, feeling what they wanted in their surroundings, evolving with them and giving them that “ah ha” moment. Core values, passion, enthusisam and simple love for their work and what they can do for those that count on them to interpret their vision was purported by each.

They are wonderful role models of people that have found their passion, and know that, although it’s all about them, it’s also not about them at all….

Rather than try any harder to put into my words what they said, I will leave you with some of what they shared and which I noted…but suffice it to say, I left each presentation feeling truly inspired that everything I aspire for, is within reach, as long as I believe in the “dream” and ultimately in myself in my ability to carry it out. Thank you all! Onward.

Thank you WITHIT for bringing Barry Dixon to speak....

“Hope the last thing I do is the Best thing I do…KNOW the first thing I did was the worst.”  Barry Dixon

…..is inspired by what is outdoors and brings it in, ie the indoors reflect the view….

Up close and personal with Kelly Hoppen. (oh, to have those arms!)

“Number One: Need to believe in yourself….don’t wallow in failures, just keep on going”  Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen: What motivates her? Design is in her blood. Always wants to do better/more. Loves what she does, including making people happy.

“If you succeed you can impact change. If you fail….nobody cares.” Angelo Surmelis

“Just because we don’t have money, we have no taste?”  Mother of Angelo Surmelis…..and sensing a very real part of the creation of his new, very affordable, very fashionable furniture line.

 Click image to go directly to Amazon to purchase Barry’s book.

….Kelly’s first (of several) books. Personal fave with East/West theme….of course.


Barry Dixon , Kelly Hoppen, and Angelo Surmelis

NOTE:  Both Kelly and Angelo also have blogs that you may be interested in following. Links to be found on respective websites. Enjoy!