I’m not going to lie,  just ask my family 🙂 …I have been “counting up” to my 5oth for, well…about a year now. And so I feel it appropriate to acknowledge that which was more than a “celebration” for a single day. Yes, I have managed to spread this out quite nicely over the past several weeks, and so, a taste of what has made me Happy Turning 50…

 my daughter Avery launched this by acknowledging my big 5 0, when I visited her in Australia this past September, read about here….with a touching card and thoughtful gifts….acknowledging my love, no, not addiction, for my morning coffee/time on the road, with a Melbourne Starbucks travel mug, a lovely necklace,  and a pair of adorable, travel sized inspirational books on Happiness and Angels….appreciating  my interest in pulling out such quips which she knows I like to share with my world via twitter/facebook….and needing mini size to travel with.

embracing the fact of my business, Antiques by Zaar,  marks 10 years since it’s first online sale, later this month,  and introducing ZAAR Design Center…celebrating this, and a little birthday cheer, ALL at the High Point Market last month.  Thank you all that contributed to that!

having had  the opportunity to have had some lovely one on one time with my daughter Arianna end of Oct when she joined me in celebrating her grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary  10/24 in Waterloo Ontario….this too giving me cause for celebration, as noted in my blog….and spending some very precious time with the rest of my family…in particular some “sisterly” time with my 2 sisters.

the wall girls

 taking some days off with my husband so we could have a “staycation” in NYC last weekend….4 liesurely days bopping around the Big Apple/Long Island, taking in a NY Rangers game, just as much a show watching fans as the game, Jersey Boys on Broadway, yes had me dancing and singing as we left the theatre, visit to Metropolitan Museum, and a plethora of leisurely lunches and coffees, people watching and chat chat chatting. Dare I forget to mention that the people watching was enhanced by the fact that we were in the city on October 31st. What a parade of costumes to gaze upon…great fun!

enjoying a reunion, lunch that turned into lunch, afternoon and dinner,  last week with 3 gals that I chummed with when living in Taiwan over a decade ago…bringing back many fond memories of our time in Asia as expats and being thrilled with how we could all pick up as if no time had passed…recalling how we found enjoyment in what one might expect as being unsuspecting places and catching up to where our kids and lives found us now….

anticipating what my son would create for me, by way of a cake, that would capture my “Spirit” on this landmark day. He does like to remind me of my half century status! …and thus he dug into my closet for inspiration, finding a faved blouse, the pattern which he mimicked on his/my cake. If you love this cake, be sure to check out his facebook page, Cake Lab, or even better, if in Maine, commission him for a cake….he is in business! www.zcakelab.com

making dinner, yes, I said making dinner….a good ole American meatloaf, with extra sauce, for my husband. 10 years in Asia I “managed” the kitchen and following 10 years in Maine, my husband ran our kitchen…and likewise ensuring we more often than not ate as a family. I am what I have decided to call myself,  an “Occasion” Cook. I like to cook for the Holidays and for parties, yes, occasions…although have not done nearly as much as I’d like in recent years. So, as my husband always cooks for me, I thought I’d make it special and cook for him. He likes my meatloaf and so, voila…a win win.

attending a local concert, the Battle of the Blends…. a fundraiser for the Maine Music Society, of which I am a member of…namely the Androscoggin Chorale…a concert where it was impossible to leave without a smile on your face and in your heart. Thank you Mark, for being my date!

enjoying Sunday Brunch at Fishbones…our most favorite Sunday Brunch venue.  Not only do we over indulge in the vast buffet set out but we also enjoy getting an update on Bauer, Kate and Paul’s, the owners of this fine establishment, golden retriever…which, yes, is a pup from one of our litters from when we were breeding goldens at Peacock Hill Farm.

And, last, actually, I fear there is more I’d like to put out, but this is already “too long” ,but so far from not being least….

watching my inbox be flooded with birthday messages, yes, the bulk via facebook, all week long. What a treat to have so many people, some that I admittedly know better than others, wish me well. My heart was truly touched, more than you can know.

Yes, I’ve had my 50th birthday…come and gone, BUT, my 50th year has just begun. With the love of my family around me and my world of friends opening their arms to me, I know that, with the growing wisdom of years, and the desire to touch and be touched, that wonderful Blessings lie ahead. Thank you for being part of my world.


P.S….and I more than like the blue boots my husband gifted me…yes, “colorful”. They suit me, don’t you think?