1. In 2000 Antiques by Zaar’s business was established/premised on an “etail” only model, thus breaking new ground as THE FIRST online only  seller of Chinese Antiques …offering re conditioned Chinese antique pieces at a true “online” retail price.

...as shown on About Us/Our Story section of our site.

2. ZAAR represents the names of my children, Zachary, Arianna, and Avery…and I am Ruth, anchoring the name…husband’s contribution was that it was his idea 🙂 Click here to read the About Us on our website.

3. The Chinese logo associated with my business is my name, Ruth Olbrych….fashioned after a pendant I had made whilst living in Taiwan.

4. Since 2004 Antiques by Zaar has been showing at the High Point Furniture Market, opening doors to present, in person, product (and yours truly) to the Trade.

5. And in 2008 we further established in High Point by  moving our  Maine warehouse there As a member of the High Point Design Center  we are open the 2nd Wedensday of every month and otherwise by appointment.

6.  Antiques by Zaar has been doing an online newsletter since 2004, to a list of Past Customers and Prospects that now numbers over 5,000. Feel free to sign up by clicking hereand now THRILLED with onset of social media, giving so many additional  venues, like this blog, to put our online business out there….

7.  Close to 100 direct consumer (ie, not Designers) customers have made multiple purchases for their homes….some in one fell swoop and others over the course of the years ….Similarly repeat customers in my Design business continues to grow in relevance as comfort level in shopping online increases. Thank YOU ALL!!!!

Check out our Home Gallery here, with photos as shared by my customers….and that which will be added to greatly in next few weeks.

9. Antiques by Zaar is excited to branch off with the ZAAR Design Center, using the High Point base as a venue to offer an affordable presence to other businesses, like Antiques by Zaar, that understand the value of offering a year round presence,  to its customer base.

10. This Thanksgiving Antiques by Zaar marks 10 years since it’s first online sale and is THRILLED to be here, holding this lovely niche we created.

Credit for the 10 Things Theme goes to Olga Adler of Olga Adler Interiors who did a blog a ways back that was similar in nature to what I quipped here and I thought it so clever and have been meaning to mimmick that for my own business, with, of course, giving credit to Olga for the idea.

Note: Met Olga at Jane Pollak’s  Remarkable Women Event in NYC last Fall. Both women blog and both are worthy of following.