Tuesday December 14th the Kay/Wall families received a bevy of people that came to acknowledge the recent  passing of my younger sister, Linda Wall. Visitation was at the Ratz-Bechtal Funeral Home and there was a steady stream of people that came to pay their respects, for the 2.5 hour period. It was quite amazing. The visitation room was appointed so tastefully with the many flowers that were sent, as well as photos of family and friends, a slideshow and  memorbilia that represented various interests of Linda…ie, her knitting and artwork. Linda allocated donations to FIDA-PCH, the organization our parents founded in Haiti over 20 years ago.
 To view photos of the lovely presentation at the visitation, click this facebook photo link
To see the slideshow and leave notes of condolences, visit the link for Ratz Bechtel, here.
To visit FIDA-PCH website and view memorial/send donations, click here.
Wednesday December 15th, the sun was shining brightly on a crisply freshly fallen snow as throngs gathered at the Rockway Mennonite Church to further acknowledge my dear sister Linda. She would’ve been pleased…the church was full to the rafters, the flowers plentiful and beautiful, the music heartwarming and the tributes touching and heartfelt.
For days following the words of the hymns, Linda requested many…we sang 3, would replay in my head….”Precious Lord Take my Hand”….”When Peace Like a River….” and finally, her very favorite, “Heart with Loving Hearts United.” and Holy Holy Holy, as sung by her highschool chums, Peggy, “Mush” and Sandy…who also came to her house several times in recent weeks to sing hymns with/for Linda…and which I had the absolute pleasure of enjoying myself on 3 occasions.
What I know for sure is that Friendship was part of Linda’s “Service” and I’m intent on carrying that on…. I’m thrilled to add to my own numbers of friends, those that Linda called on as such. May the League of Angels stay strong and grow in numbers!