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This time last year I honed in on two words to serve as “pillars”  around which  I hoped to help my year materialize….those words being  Structure and Discipline.

How’d I do? Well, I could be really hard on myself and go on and on about what STILL needs to be addressed on these grounds,  ie, how it could be perceived that I failed, OR, I can cut myself some slack and objectively look at last year and say that, although worthy values to focus on, that there were just a few things that needed to be addressed first, BEFORE being able to put in place what I want/need to do for my life/my business by way of structure and discipline.  Yes, no cart before the horse.

So, per my most recent blog, 2010:Grateful For…, I am indeed feeling pretty darn good, and grateful, about this past year, and see that I have  a good solid base in place to move forward in 2011.  In retrospect the 3 words that would best describe the “essence” of last year would be determination, ownership and accountability.

My 3 words, borrowing from  Chris Brogan here by adding a 3rd word, for 2011 are…

Just me and my KIA...from here to there and there to here....

1. Focus:  Start something, finish it. Embrace full heartedly and with exuberance each “project,” job, task or even activity of leisure, that I set before myself. Structure my time.  Be effective and productive, whether on the road, about 50% of my time, or at my home. Have a win every day. Find a way to fit more into my days…be it for work and/or for personal pleasure. I believe focus is the key to this becoming my reality.

2. Presence:  Online… with my blogging, twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and Newsletters…all to let people get to know me/remember who I am, and lead them to my website, should they have an interest in buying Chinese Antiques. Simply keep it up.

To those that are already my customers…visiting them, calling them, emailing them, acknowledging them, promoting them. seen in Better Homes & Gardens June 2010

To the world that doesn’t know me yet… to capitalize on the publicity that avails itself to me, through various connections made in the past….so that they can know me.

To my family and friends….to be fully present with them, giving them my undivided attention, when the time calls for such.

And to promote my personal sense of “presence” by eating well, sleeping enough, exercising, and reflecting.

3. Growth:  Personal growth and business growth…the former an ongoing process not to be denied…the latter, a reality I feel can be mine this 2011.

 Consumer confidence growing, happy customers coming back and new ones continue to find me.  The niche I’ve created for myself online is enhanced by the fact that that a growing number of  people are inclined to do thier shopping online… so much more than 10 years ago when we first established ourselves.

Growing in presence in High Point. Our first Market Square location, 2004.

Also, building on 6 years of growing presence in High Point and broadening my base with the development of ZAAR Design Center….offering our product, and that of others that have joined me, not only during High Point Markets, but year round.

Yes, I’m eager to embrace all that this coming year has to offer.

My world continues to grow and be brighter for the many wonderful people that have come my way, and continue to. And the fact that so much of this goodness is due to this business of buying and selling Chinese Antiques….well, what a great gig!

And now it’s time to get on with it….yes, blogs forthcoming.

… yes, that means showcasing my furniture in a myriad of settings, as represented by those that have cared to share photos…and that means introducing you to Designers that keep Antiques by Zaar at their fingertips when the need for a Chinese Antique rolls around…and that means giving you highlights on Events I’ll be attending/hosting, books I’ll be reading/listening to and, and, and … get the drift.

Peace, joy and prosperity…may they  be yours this 2011.


P.S. And if you have YOUR  THREE WORDS for this coming year….yes, I’d LOVE to know what they are.