I was first drawn to this photo by the usage of the Chinese cracked ice carved screens, but then saw yet another great application of a straightlined console in place.

The dark tone of wall, floor and console merged such that there was a seamless transition from floor to wall, including this accent piece of furniture to serve as home for fresh flowers, drawing your eye to that single pop of color. Effect is lovely.

So, yes, some people, like those that inhabit this Manhatten apartment, featured in Elle Decor, March 2010, starting on page 129, it was a love of Asian arts and culture that spurred the design team of Roman and Williams to infuse the apartment just so.

Referring again to the Top 10 Console List, page 67 same issue, a High Console in metal by Bottega Veneta, I can’t help but, again, although not referenced in the comments on this particular console, see the parellell in style from the Chinese version, or is it more aptly put that this is a version of the original Chinese?, as shown above…..and as shown in pieces below, that I have available in my collection.

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