Yes, it’s time for the Annual Unity in Design Event, click here to conveniently register online,  in High Point NC, and that means I’ll be wending my way there to participate as a member of the High Point Design Center, for the 3rd year in a row.I love how the collaborative efforts of the many Design Associations involved culminate  in making this the enjoyable and educational networking event the success it is each and every year.  And now with a Trade Show, 2nd annual,  a vital part of UNITY, it simply continues to grow in it’s impact to ALL…. 

Designers and vendors alike are given this wonderful opportunity to make themselves known to each other and the energy that is transmitted as relations grow is no less than inspiring.  It’s like a “Mini Market”, tailor made for those that find that they are able to attend….

This year I am particularly excited as I, on behalf of Antiques by Zaar/ZAAR Design Center, plan to host a luncheon/presentation @ our new showroom/warehouse, on the Thursday of UNITY.

Bobbie Cox of DragonFly Designs, and I, first “met” on LinkedIn. Not long following we would meet in “real” when introduced by a mutual friend, Davetta Moore, at an IFDA sponsored luncheon during High Point Furniture Market.

Our mutual enthusiasm for our online introduction being cemented by our physical introduction, served as a bond as we exchanged cards, offering synopsis’ of our respective businesses.

ZAAR Design Center, was but a “twinkle in my eye” when I met Bobbie as she enthusiastically shared with me the fact that in addition to working as a designer, that she also made herself available for speaking engagements.

Long story short, I am so pleased to share with my world that, following lunch, catered by our friends at EmeryWood Cafe, Bobbie will present to those that join us @ ZAAR…..focusing on the value of the relations we make for our clients, ourselves and our businesses.

It will be a Great Day….good food, good food for thought, exceptional shopping, all in the warm atmosphere, will work on warm “temps”, of the ZAAR Showroom @ 220 Feld Ave, High Point…less than 3 miles down South Main, from IHFC.

ZAAR Design Center is pleased to be the home for the following companies….


Kat Burki

Touchwood UK

Vanderveer Imports

….and, of course, Antiques by Zaar

Should I have enticed you to join us, simply register to attend our luncheon at time of registration. Or if you want more details, contact me at, or leave a comment on this blog, or call me @ 207 838 2675.

Look forward to hearing from you/seeing you!  Ruth