…on the road again, and, as usual, armed with a couple of books on CD. As I don’t make it a priority to set time aside to read, I look forward to listening to books whilst driving. And, as my “average”  day driving is about 6 hours, I’m given good time to get through a book or two…with ample talk time, but of course, interspersed with my time listening .

And, as is my habit, at least one of the books I’m armed with, I choose with intent for it to serve as inspiration to fuel me forward in my cause….AND, I love it when I’m not disappointed by my choice.  As I had listened to my first Dr. Wayne Dyer book in October (en route to my parent’s 60th anniversary), called Inspiration, Your Ultimate Calling…I was pretty sure I would be “good” when I chose (I rent for 1.00/2 weeks from my local library) yet another Wayne Dyer CD, entitled the Power of Intention.

Although I’m only half way through, will finish it on next leg of my trip on Monday, I am already feeling the empowerment he hopes to instill when people read/listen to his books, and thus my interest in sending this out as a “recommended read/listen”.

…for, although my “intention” to send this out will hold true, the fact remains that when I land in NC on Tuesday, that I will be hitting the ground running, in addition to Unity Event noted below, also have a container of merchandise landing AND a new member moving into ZAAR Design Center, and this would simply remain an intention and not a fulfilled one…and that would be a shame.

Yes, participating in the Unity in Design Event will have me flat out, and couldn’t be more excited for it, AND now, feeling very much that the energy I share with those that I come in contact with, is such that works to serve a greater good, and it just energizes me further.

So, for all Designers “intending” to attend the UNITY in Design Event but have yet to register, let me give you a venue here to do so by including link here to do a quick and dirty online registration, so you can fulfill that “intention” now. It is such an inspiring event, it would a shame for you not to make it….and you can sign up for  lunch @ ZAAR on Thursday here as well…no additional charge… it’s going to be so much fun…AND Inspiring, of course.

So, should you be inspired to purchase either the paper or DVD  version of Dr Dyer’s books, directly, you can do so by clicking the links below which will take you directly to Amazon. And, by purchasing by way of going through this link, a portion of said sale will go to Antiques by Zaar, as I’m set up as an Affiliate Member. Note that all proceeds from shopping through me to Amazon will go to the work of FIDA-PCH in Haiti.

 Audio  version

 Book  version

….and his other book of Inspiration, on just that, Inspiration…

   book version.

…..and audio version, for fellow road warriors.

So, to a good weekend to one and all. Won’t be writing over the weekend, taking it “off” for some couple time,  but hope to catch you on the flip side on Monday.