A month ago today I packed my bags for what would be a month long road trip…..the impetus of said trip being a combination of personal and business matters, and which would add 5,000 miles onto my KIA and take me from my Maine home base to New York (3 stops), High Point NC, Ottawa Ontario and Montreal Quebec….and alot of places in between getting from here to there and back again.

So, here I am on the other side of what was a great trip, and am enjoying the “look back” as I share with my world some highlights below….and more specifically, at later dates….just  getting myself  back into the “blogosphere” here ….

Super Bowl Sunday @ Graybarn Cottage

…hosted by proprietors Gary and Sylvia Muller, customers/friends of Antiques by Zaar for almost 10 years now, was great.  How delightful to be invited to take in the Super Bowl, admitting here not a huge follower, just like to be part of the “event” that capsulates the season, with the Mullers and their friends…and see first hand how wonderful our altar works in their well appointed “cottage”.

  If you want to see more photos of Graybarn Cottage or the Mill House Inn…or look into either place as a venue for your next pampered getaway, simply go to www.millhouseinn.com .

Unity in Design Event: High Point NC

This was my 3rd year participating in the HPDC’s   “winter event” and ironically enough, each year the weather seems to be colder and colder AND definitely progressively more snow than one would expect to deal with in North Carolina. Thankfully the cold temperatures/tenuous road conditions didn’t get in the way of this event being the success it is each year.

ZAAR (Design Centre/Antiques by…)  took particular pleasure in hosting lunch/presentation in our chilly warehouse/showroom Thursday Feb 10th.  Hot dishes from Emerywood warmed our insides and Bobbie Cox of Dragonfly Designs enraptured her audience with her presentation.

Thank you ALL!  Bobbie, for offering such insight and having such an engaging presentation that was relevant  to those currently in the business and to those prospectives… yes, we were graced by presence of a lovely group of design students from Western Carolina University, and to the  gathering we had to take it all in. Also to members of the ZAAR Design Center for their help and participation, namely Vanderveer Imports, Kat Burki, Bellescenda, and Touchwood. Click here for luncheon photos, just a few…was too busy chatting up….


After a busy and uplifting 3.5 days in North Carolina, it was back to New York for a few days…with one of the highlights of my time working from there being a visit with Antiques by Zaar customer/friends Catherine Kovins and Thom Januaz .  I love it when “lunch” becomes an event that takes you right to dinner…yes, that is how the time flowed visiting, talking and simply enjoying the face to face interaction as catylst to recent years communicating on the phone/via email.  I very much look forward to our next meeting, which we are hoping to do during Asia Week in NYC.

Black lacquered sideboard and mirror, purchased from AbyZaar, worked too perfectly in the Master Suite of Catherine and Thom’s home. Click here to view other photos of how they mixed Asian in their gorgeous home.

The wedding of my nephew Casey Wall to Cheryl Grossman, was the impetus for my trip taking me to Ottawa Ontario.  As I am the only sibling that is “away”, it is great to have such an oppotunity to catch up and celebrate…in some cases reconnecting with people I hadn’t seen in over 2 decades! Cheryl was the consumate blushing bride, could her smile have been any wider?, the service touching and the reception, held at the War Museum…well, a great party. Click here to view photos of the event.

Montreal and final trip to NY was for my family…returning one college daughter to McGill after a brief visit to Maine during her winter break, and 2nd daughter to NY to catch a plane to get back to finish her last semester at University of Western Ontario…2nd college graduation in 2 years, and 3rd one following next year. Oh my!

This but scratches the surface of the most recent run about and you’ll read about more in months to follow as Antiques by Zaar moves forward and my family moves around. Yes, Life is Good.