SCORE’S Mission Statement

To Deliver Expertise and Resources to Maximize the Success of Existing and Emerging Small Businesses.


….and that is exactly what my experience has been since I attended my first SCORE  workshop, on writing a business plan, last summer.

Following that most informative workshop I asked the presenter about securing someone to counsel me, as I worked to take my 10 year old business to the next level.  My understanding that such was available at no cost,  truth be told, it  just seemed too good to be true…but I had nothing to lose by exploring this venue.

 Long story short… the gentleman who presented the workshop was  true to his word and within a week one of the SCORE counsellors contacted me….the one he thought would work well for my particular needs.  We met shortly thereafter, and the rest is history. Nancy Strojny, who currently has her own consulting business and has a 20 plus year history with Proctor and Gamble, has become not only an indispensible resource for me, but also my cheerleader, reality checker and dear dear friend. We fit like a glove!

Yesterday I attended my 2nd SCORE workshop which served as a primer on using  Social Media and making it work for your business.  It was a cohesive and informative presentation made  by Nicki Hicks of flyte new media….touching all the major venues we as small business owners need to engage in to put our businesses “out there”….certainly a good launch pad for the many that attended that were either starting their own business, or working to understand the intricacies of facebook, blogging, twitter, linkedin etc. And although I do have a reasonable handle on this I walked away with tips/resources that I previously was unaware of.

I’m just over the top for an organization that delivers what it “sells”….and in this case what SCORE has to offer is either free or at a nominal charge.

If you are thinking of starting a business or already have a business, and are looking for some professional advise, you can’t lose by connecting with the fine folks at SCORE…at least that is my experience and therein my testimonial.

In Maine alone there are 7  SCORE chapters and there are 10,000 nationwide….just as an FYI.

Thank you Jane Pollak, for introducing this organization to me by way of your blog posting of Jan 25, 2010….Jane being another resource, specifically for Women Entrepeneurs, which is of great value to you and the growth of your business. At minimum you should follow her blog. And if you want more, her book Soul Proprieter, is one I’ve listened to repeatedly on my road trips….which are numerous.

  Click image to go directly to Amazon and purchase paper version.

…and this image if you want to listen to the book.

 Love love love sharing something, SCORE/Jane, which offers so much value to my many fellow entrepeneurs working their passion, and could use some handles…which we all do, eh?

Happy Day all.

and if you have a resource to share that has served you well, do just that…share.  Look forward to hearing from you.