One of the things that I most love about having my own business, is the latitude I have to take the time I need/want for my family. It is truly a gift.  But not going to lie,  can’t say I  was overly excited about the anticipated week long break in my work rhythm I would need, to go and help set up my middle child in Toronto.

Maybe it’s because I was feeling this way as we loaded my KIA and made the 11 hour drive to Toronto, that I am so effusive now, about what was an incredibly busy/productive/fun week …”launching Arianna”….ie, I was right where I was meant to be, doing what I wanted/needed to do, to help set my daughter up in this next phase of her young adult life.

Back in April when I picked Ari up, following her final set of exams, as an undergraduate of the University of Western Ontario, there was anticipation of this return to Ontario to attend her June 16th graduation, with interim time being spent at our home in Maine, with an “interesting” and ambitious list of what was anticipated to take place during that time. Many items on said list never materialized, but the one which she thought unlikely, actually did….she not only landed a job, but she landed one that suits her just perfectly!

No, it didn’t happen “straight away” but when things started to fall into place, they just kept on doing just that….2 weeks from first phone interview, first of 5, 2 online tests, followed by in person interview in New York…to an action packed week prior to grad…finding an apartment…sweet location/cozy space, and not an easy feat we started to realize quickly,  furnishing said apartment, yeah for IKEA and Home Sense, setting up/assembling, ok, I assisted, Ari directed/did the hard stuff, furniture….and all the “stuff” you don’t think of as you move your residence to a new city/country.

So glad to have been there with her…and although a tad proud, the sense that she is right where she should be, right now, as a freshly minted college, for those Canadians reading this, yes, correct terminology would be university, grad, supercedes my personal pride and, well, just gives me a glow that I can’t get rid of.

So, onward Arianna….onward. Thanks for letting me a vital part of your “launch”….

Your mother…

Now back to work I go!

… Arianna being my middle child, and as the subject line says, the first “A” of Zaar (flanked by Zachary, of and Avery, McGill student. Your guess as to who R refers to :)).

Facebook album of our week here…which also included volunteering at the FIDA fundraising golf tournament, and having father’s day brunch with my parents and sister…just to explain some of the photos, which don’t have captions.