….and in particular it seems a light and airy blue that she can’t seem to tear herself away from and, might I add, is so refreshingly warm and lively all at the same time…kind of what  Hannah Dee is herself…and thus I sense her natural  draw to this hue.

….so pleased that I had JUST the piece she needed, JUST the very specific size she needed, in JUST what seems to be her fave color….thank you Maria of Liveable Landscapes  for putting us together!

Not only will you agree it looks stunning in her very cool living room, as shown below….

….but it is hot hot hot in the vignette she created as participant in the The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival, which was held in April…click here to see more photos of her vignette, from concept to reality,….no wonder she attracted alot of attention!

As Hannah said when she posted me some pix… “I exhibited recently in a local festival, The Chestnut Hill Home and Garden Festival. I used your beautiful blue console table as the centerpiece of the booth I created. It looked so great and really made the space. I love it in my living room as well!”
…and she carries a pop of this color into her garden as well, accented on her door and in side chairs. You don’t want to miss taking a “stroll through Hannah’s garden“….

…and if you want Hannah to work her colorful magic in your home or garden, you may want to give her a call. Website forthcoming, but in the meanwhile  you can see what she’s all about on Facebook

….and, by the by…. if you’re looking for a pop of color by way of a refurbished piece of Chinese furniture, do check out the section on my site that I just created, “A Pop of Color!“…as yes, I do have a piece or two  in “Hannah’s blue”.