As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m honored to have been asked to moderate a round table on Blogging, as part of the WITHIT Conference which is themed “Wisdom, Work and Wealth”….and which I KNOW will be an event that I will come away from highly infused/invigorated.

I hope to do my part to infuse others by way of leading a discussion regarding the value in blogging, as moderator of said round table.

I  feel very passionately about the value in blogging  and what it can mean for your business.  My experience running an online business, since 2000, /building relationships via email/phone and fostering through an online newsletter, started in 2004,  where I couched the “meat” of the business in warm fuzzy tidbits garnered from living on a farm in Maine, with 3 teenagers and breeding golden retrievers, and yes, I sold puppies to abyzaar customers because of this,  drawing on past lives as an expatriate in Asia/volunteer in Haiti….you get the gist….has shown me time and again that people do care when you take the time to be “real”….

…and now “blogging” has become a trend and serves as a  venue to those that care to “put themselves out there”, to do just that.  I invite all those that are interested, to dip your toes in, and see what it can do for you, or those that are already doing so, what you would like to share with the rest of us….have been dying to use this photo which I took to use  just for this very quip 🙂

As part of prep for this round table I’d like to simply ask what particular topics you may like addressed.

Shoot me questions/comments,  either by email, at , or leave a comment/question on this blog, bloggers love that, and good for you too!, or leave a comment on facebook, linkedin, or twitter….wherever you may see this post.

...with Tobi, after her WITHIT sponsored breakfast/presentation on Social Media @ High Point Furniture Market.

Similarly, if you have some favorite blogs you follow…shoot me a note with a link and let me know what it is that you like particularly about said blog. Will compile a list to pass out at the conference ….and would start with blogs by Tobi Fairley, and Jane Pollak…both women inspired me to “dip my toes in” and I enjoy following their blogs….and constantly learn from them.

A Round table is meant to be a platform for discussion, and I’d like to see what we can do about starting the discussion leading up to the actual event.

So, join me, and yes, even if you aren’t able to attend the conference and would like to participate in this, please join in…..all bloggers, wanna be’s especially…drop on by.

Looking forward to a learning and growing experience for all of us…and meeting some new friends along the way.