….in Pinehurst North Carolina… that place where Babette Glauner  found herself setting up the couples “retirement” home following a 5 year stint as expatriates in Japan….and in need of “one more piece”, that being black sideboard shown here,  for her dining room.

Yes, she found the perfect sideboard, with us at Antiques by Zaar, and more…

She expounds so well on why she thinks this works perfectly  in her schema and her general decorating philosophy. ..please read on.

The simple lines of the black buffet across the great room don’t jump out and say “Chinese” but I think it seems to blend with the Japanese screen hung above it and the French armoire not too far away.  The tilt-top table and cherry and walnut side tables in the room are definitely earlier American pieces, but somehow the mix seems to work.

I am using a Tibetan painted cabinet as a large-screen television console, and many of my visitors don’t know anything about its origin but they love it.  The blended colors and pattern really draw the eye down from that big black screen that I had been a little reluctant to have in the room.


      I thought that might conclude my Asian furniture shopping, but some remodeling left a gap in a powder room, a space that needed something special.  For the 2nd time, I made the trek to High Point, to visit my new friends at Antiques by Zaar,  and a 10″ deep, three drawer desk in acid green seemed like it would be perfect, and it was. 

I like to think that my home is a reflection of our interests and experiences, and in that way the Asian pieces fit in very well, but I don’t think you have to have lived or traveled to Asia to appreciate Chinese antiques.

Eclectic to me equates interesting….. I read once that every room needs some black and also that no matter the nationality, if your wood furniture pieces are of a similar hue, they will work together – that’s my decorating credo and I am sticking to it!

THANK YOU Babette, for sharing a philosophy that I tend to agree to myself, AND for the accompanying photos.


P.S. Babette also provided a lovely testimonial for Antiques by Zaar which I look forward to including in a separate post…