Last week, on Twitter,  I came across a link to a blog by Liz Strauss, yes, which I re-tweeted as I felt it valuable to share, that so succinctly put out there, how important it is to know WHY you blog.

I really only became aware of the blogging world and my need to participate back in late 2008, and although I sensed that blogging was made for me, I liked to write and I had no problem being “real”  but I first had to work through just a few things….

…which was surprising to me, as, since 2004,  I  had been putting out a monthly newsletter to a list that has grown to over 5,000, and which I was very comfortable with my informal and personable presentation, clear on who my audience was,(this a big difference that set me “off”) and KNEW  it to be a successful tool to keep my business in front of my customers…. NOTE: If you can’t see yourself blogging, at very minimum touch your mailing list by way of an online newsletter…you won’t regret it….good way to “dip your toes in”…

But this blog thing….  Sure, I have plenty to write about, see below,  but, but, but….

Of course I was going to blog  for my business, which IS ME, but what format would my presentation take and more so  how would I get people to read it???? More on that in a later post on blog titles. VERY IMPORTANT!

Share more of my personal “stuff” which I do enjoy doing,?, promote how great I am by way of posting customer testimonials?, give credence to the level of clientele I have by showcasing the talented designers that shop with me?, publicize the publicity I have garnered and continue to garner for my business? , use the wonderful treasure trove of photos I have from my customers to show off how they have positioned their Chinese Antiques purchased from yours truly? promote the organizations with which I have affiliation with? share my love for my online business? YES to ALL of the above….and more.

PASSION for what you intend to blog about is mandatory to attract an audience, and a few other things like relevance etc, but  Passion is that which fuels the engine…and I am so very passionate about all I’ve listed, and want to share with my growing online world.

As I’ve placed in the header of my upcoming roundtable on Blogging, at the WITHIT Leadership Conference in August, blogging is a Gift, to you and your business….

….But the premise on being able to successfully promote your business via said blog, is that you are passionate about it…as that passion will attract people to you and to your business.

And the premise that you would like to share your business/your passion with the world, so it can continue to be such by increased exposure, which draws increased revenue…and adds to the bottom line so you can continue to fuel this passion, simply precludes that you have this GIFT, in this FREE platform of reaching an untapped audience by way of putting out a blog, which is YOURS for the taking.

Are you passionate about your business?

Are you blogging about it? If not, why not?

How can I help you to “dip your toes in?”


P.S. And if you simply have a passion that isn’t your business, blogging again is the perfect venue to do just that….