I JUST posted my most recent newsletter, to my mailing list of just over 5,000. This “mailing list” is comprised of people that fall into two main catagories, although split into many more in my list, of either a past customer or prospective that I’ve met somewhere in my travels….my point being that the people on said list are already familiar with my company, and thus are more inclined to open up my missive no matter the title…and although the text in the subject line of my email does  matter, it matters even more that they simply know the missive is coming from ruth/antiquesbyzaar.

When blogging, you do not have that defined audience, but you are trying to reach that which you would consider your “target audience”, and thus the title of your blog should be such that they are drawn to read what you’ve writing about.

So, what is it you want to write about and who do you want to read it?

For myself, THIS is what I want to write about….

1. My business was nurtured on the direct to the consumer business and I never want to lose sight of what this has, and continues to mean to my business. To boot, these precious customers have provided me with testimonials of photos and words, which they intended for me to share.  How do I impart these “testimonials‘ in a way that will honor the person that chose to share them with me in the first place?

2. Over the years my To The Trade business has grown as the Interior Design Trade has moved to online stores to source for their clients…How can I honor these Designers that have put their confidence in my business and my product, that they readily present their clients photos of pieces they won’t see until install?

3. I have had the gift of publicity over the years that continues to validate who I am to all that may consider doing business with me. It would be silly of me not to find a way to put this out to those that don’t know who ruth/antiquesbyzaar is yet, and why they should feel comfortable doing business with me.

4. Chinese Antique Furniture/Antiques by Zaar:  I LOVE selling Chinese Antiques. I LOVE that I have had this opportunity to capitalize on the 8 years I lived in Asia as an expat wife/mother of 3. I LOVE that I am able sell such a unique item online. I LOVE that my pieces bring joy into the lives and homes of my customers. I LOVE that I’ve been able to contribute to my family by way of the business of selling Chinese Antiques. I LOVE the people I meet as I go about the selling of Chinese Antiques.  How can I share this LOVE for a genre of furniture that gives so much and the business that encompasses that?

5. ” Social Media”. It was made for the likes of me, and in fact I bought into this concept back in 2004  by way of my newsletter….no, not your traditional bullet point newsletter, but one that had the facts couched in personal antidotes. Just when I thought I was too personal, someone would drop a line/call and tell me what it meant to them that I took the time to share my world with them by way of my newsletter…they felt they “knew me”…. I want to share with my world that relationship building isn’t just the current trend, it is THE WAY, and can most definitely be done online, to do business, as that is exactly what took me from  my very first sale back in November 2000, to the next, and the next and the next, with what was the first online only store for Chinese antiques. ie. if I can start and grow a business selling Chinese Antiques online, you can sell what you want to sell as well. How do I share this with others to encourage them forth?

6. And lastly…I like to share resources/promote other peoples product, businesses/organizations. How can I help spread the good word of the good works being done by others???

So, apparantly I have ALOT to say, and you guessed it, the BLOG is the vehicle used to put it all out there.

How do I get people to read it?

Chinese Antiques is what I sell.

Thus, it is imperative, that I use terms that relate to Chinese Antiques, as a way to draw people in…not to say you won’t see posts with otherwise, BUT, as the common thread, that which I hope to lure people in to be interested in me/my product, is by way of words that relate to this genre. AND, WITHIN the body of the blog I can include testimonials/photos from my customers, to support what is put forth in the title as the topic. OR I can promote my Designer Customers by putting their company name in the title and aligning them with the usage of Chinese Antiques.  I can mix in the publicity garnered where it fits as well. You get the gist, and check out past blogs to see if I am succeeding 🙂

And Building Online Relationships ….

…is something I know a thing or two about and am eager to encourage others to just go out and “do it”. To boot I am, like many others, on a huge learning curve with technology and all that comes with just trying to keep up. I can relate and again, if I can do it so can you and I want to help.

BUT, now this missive is beyond too long…you get the point. Know what you want to say. Know who you want to say it to. Think about how you can do that by using a title that will draw them in to read what you want to share….and then post it on all your social media portals….

Enjoy and look forward to your posts.