This morning I received what was Tobi’s 2nd  blog posting on her love for the color combo of pink and green….a combo she plans on featuring all month in her blog.  Anyways, I simply  couldn’t resist adding my own, and my daughter’s, delight in this combo that reminds me of watermelon. Yes, her bedroom was painted in this fresh combination….and yes, a little Chinese Antiques by Zaar green art deco desk, works it’s way in ever so well 🙂

   …and this color  combo also  works so very well in this little wall plaque I bought for my daughter’s dorm room…wouldn’t you say? Plus the words are just what a mother wants to remind her daughter of daily


P.S. Have been following Tobi’s blog ever since I met her back in February 2009….and if you don’t follow her, you might want to consider such, as there is lots to learn by doing so. She has certainly created a niche in the Designer blogging world.